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Strange Fruit #225

Strange Fruit is a unique two-hour radio show exploring the world of underground, strange and generally neglected music. All shows are themed and all shows set out to give the most hardened of sound-hounds some new delight to sample.

The show is also unique in providing homework for undergraduate students on North West Kent College’s Foundation Degree in Professional Writing (who dig up many of the odd facts featured in the links between tracks).

Neil Nixon, the founder and presenter of the show has released a book about rare albums for Gonzo Multimedia.

The show is broadcast on Miskin Radio every Sunday from 10-00-midnight.


Me First and the Gimme Gimmes:     I Write the Songs

The Cocteau Twins:    Five Ten Fiftyfold

DJ Earworm:   The Night of Kittin’s Messy Adventure

The Chameleons:        In Shreds

Harvestman:    The Forest is our Temple

Linda Perhacs: Moons and Cattails

Duke Ellington:           New World A-Comin’

The Black Angels:      I’d Kill for Her

The Ossiary:    Witch Fire

Rubella  Ballet:           Twister

Liz Phair:         Divorce Song

Jimi Hendrix:  Valleys of Neptune

Morcheba:       Friction

Peter Held:      Gib Gas

Demen:            Morgon

John Martyn:   Small Hours

Jonathan Wilson:         Valley of the Silver Moon

Donovan:        Cosmic Wheels

Tones on Tail: Burning Skies

13 Chime:        Cuts of Love

Carcass:           Excreted Alive

Carcass:           Oxidized Razor Masticator

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Neil And Tom Nixon Biography

An erudite catalogue of some of the most peculiar records ever made. We have lined up, described and put into context 500 "albums" in the expectation that those of you who can't help yourselves when it comes to finding and collecting music will benefit from these efforts in two ways. Firstly, you'll know you are not alone. Secondly, we hope that some of the work covering the following pages leads you to new discoveries, and makes your life slightly better as a result.

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