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Strange Fruit #258

Strange Fruit is a unique two-hour radio show exploring the world of underground, strange and generally neglected music. All shows are themed and all shows set out to give the most hardened of sound-hounds some new delight to sample.

The show is also unique in providing homework for undergraduate students on North West Kent College’s Foundation Degree in Professional Writing (who dig up many of the odd facts featured in the links between tracks).

Neil Nixon, the founder and presenter of the show has released a book about rare albums for Gonzo Multimedia.

The show is broadcast on Miskin Radio every Sunday from 10-00-midnight.

19-05-18 – SHOW 258 – New Bottles

Servotron:  I Sing the Body Cybernetic

T. Rex:  Root of Star

Miracle:  The Seventeen Nineties

Medicine Head:  When Night Falls

Medicine Head  Ooee Baby

Blind Willie Johnson:  Bye and Bye – Going to see the King

The Cocteau Twins:  Tinderbox of a Heart

Jethro Tull:   My God

EMF:  Shining

King Sunni Ade and his African Beats  Ase

Medicine Head:  Fire Under Mountain

The Plywood Staircases:  Horse with no Name

Vince Guaraldi Trio:  A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

Medicine Head:  Narcisister

The George Garabidean Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms:  Up Up and Away

Desert Mountain Tribe:  Wide Eyes

The Great Electric:  M.O.P.E.

Pure Reason Revolution:  Apprentice of the Universe/The Bright Ambassadors/Nimos and Tambos

The Bombay Royale:  The Island of Dr Electrico

Medicine Head:  His Guiding Hand

Halou:  I am Warm

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Gonzo Weekly #258
In a sort of Samhain issue we talk to Neil Nixon and unlock the secrets of The Devil’s Jukebox, and Biffo launches the Trojan Arse Project. Alan investigates John and Yoko’s conceptual country of Nutopia, and waxes lyrical about Phaselock whereas Jon is reading Ransom Riggs and the immortal Robert Anton Wilson and expanding his own reality tunnels. Read More


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Neil Nixon and Owen Wilson Biography

What if…Satan was real in the way we are all real? Had his own place, enjoyed a drink, some company and his favourite sounds? What if he had his own jukebox stocked with 100 slammin’ sound files and we all dropped by one night to see his current selection? This book is the best guess of what we might find on The Devil’s Jukebox. There’s fun, torture, surprises and enough in the way of the well-known and utterly obscure to get anyone with any opinion on music’s dark side arguing, Googling and acquiring. We wouldn’t recommend reading the pages inside this cover if you’re easily offended, or sensitive to sudden shocks. For everyone else this is a searing spotlight on the hot, hateful, horrible and occasionally humorous hits from Hell. A world in which utter abnormality will snag you the #1 spot and every barrel is lovingly scraped for the festering remnants of the sounds the righteous rejected long ago. From the darkest metal to the most deranged samples they’re here, along with several surprises by way of a few kiddie-friendly sounds subsequently used in ways their creators never imagined some misguided attempts at recording hits.

The Devil’s jukebox is a jukebox like no other. 

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