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C J Stone - The Empire of Things

C.J. Stone wrote a column for the Guardian Weekend from 1993 till 1998. It was called Housing Benefit Hill and won the writer much acclaim. He has also written columns for the Big Issu...

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Charles Garland - My Labrador Eats Poo

A collection of whimsical verses about Alfie, a golden Labrador puppy, as he embarks on his first adventures in the Suffolk countryside. Brought home by the author’s wife Yvonne to help...

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Corky Laing - Stick It - Rock and Road Stories

Canadian born Corky Laing is probably best known as the drummer with Mountain. Corky joined the band shortly after Mountain played at the famous Woodstock Festival, although he did receive a ...

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Dan Wooding - King Squealer

"There have always been certain 'careers' that have fascinated the public, newspapers and the media in general. Such include musicians, actors, sportsmen, police and not surprisingly, the people wh...

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Dan Wooding - Terry Dene: Britain's First Rock and Rebel

Marty Wilde on Terry Dene: "Whatever happened to Terry becomes a great deal more comprehensible as you read of the callous way in which he was treated by people who should have known better -...

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Douglas Harr - Rockin' The City of Angels

This book celebrates the sensational albums and spectacular live concert performances staged in Los Angeles, the “City of Angels” during the 1970s by more than thirty classic and progre...

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Frank Zappa et al - The Real Porn Wars

On September 19, 1985, Frank Zappa testified before the United States Senate Commerce, Technology, and Transportation committee, attacking the Parents Music Resource Center or PMRC, a music o...

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Gregg Kofi Brown - Rock and Roll and UFOs

Gregg Kofi-Brown is, of course best known for his work with seminal African funk rock pioneers Osibisa. they were one of the first, if not THE first African band to achieve popular success in...

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Ian Abrahams - Mike Scott and The Waterboys - Strange Boat

Strange Boat charts the twisting and meandering journey of Mike Scott, describing the literary and spiritual references that inform his songwriting and exploring the multitude of locations and cult...

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Ian Abrahams and Bridget Wishart - Festivalized

This long awaited and remarkable book is arguably one of the most important that we have ever published.

The British free festival movement, and the way that it was vici...

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Julian Bream - A Life On The Road

I don’t think I’m a great artist,’ says Julian Bream at the end of this remarkable book, ‘but I know I’m a good one, and that I have got something to say, however mo...

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Kev Rowland - The Progressive Underground Vol 1

Contrary to popular belief, progressive rock didn’t disappear with the advent of punk, and the lack of media support didn’t prevent new bands from forming and new music being created, i...

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Kev Rowland - The Progressive Underground Vol 2

Contrary to popular belief, progressive rock didn’t disappear with the advent of punk, and the lack of media support didn’t prevent new bands from forming and new music being created, i...

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Liberace - The World of Liberace

Liberace himself takes us on a guided tour of his Hollywood and Palm Springs homes and his treasured possessions. A celebrated connoisseur of antiques, Liberace tells us about the origins and ...

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Merrell Fankhauser - Calling From A Star

Merrell Fankhauser has led one of the most diverse and interesting careers in music. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to California when he was 13 years old. Merrell went on to ...

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Mick Farren - The Time Of Feasting

Mick Farren (September 1943 – July 2013) was not someone who could be described as ‘best known for’ anything. Gloucestershire-born Farren was a singer with The Deviants a...

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Mick Farren - Darklost

Los Angeles - City of Angels, city of dreams. But sometimes the dreams become nightmares. Having fled New York, Victor Renquist and his small group of Nosferatu are striving to re-establish t...

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Neil And Tom Nixon - 500 Albums You Won't Believe Until You Hear Them

An erudite catalogue of some of the most peculiar records ever made. We have lined up, described and put into context 500 "albums" in the expectation that those of you who can't help yourselv...

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Neil Nixon - The Beatles: Myths and Legends

The musical achievements of The Beatles are well chronicled but their ability to generate myths and legends is a lesser known area of Beatlemania. By turns the legends and stories told about ...

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Neil Nixon and Owen Wilson - Devil's Jukebox

What if…Satan was real in the way we are all real? Had his own place, enjoyed a drink, some company and his favourite sounds? What if he had his own jukebox stocked with 100 slammin’ s...

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