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From The Gong Archives

Date Published: 07-03-2011

Gonzo are exceedingly happy to announce the forthcoming release of the Gong DVD featuring footage shot for French TV in the early seventies. The DVD utilises footage that was previously thought to be lost and this footage is a real find for Gong fans.
The material on the DVD features two distinct periods of the bands history with the earliest footage coming from an in the studio performance filmed in 1971.
The material featured on this DVD will also include further footage from 1972 and 1973. In fact there is good news for fans of the Angel’s Egg period as there is over twenty minutes of footage featured on the DVD. None of this rare footage has ever been made available commercially making this release a real treat for fans of Gong who in 2009 re established themselves in both the live arena and the albums market.
Both Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage have recorded exclusive interviews which can be heard at the Gonzo website here:


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