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Gonzo Publishes First Book The Trial of Oz On The Fortieth Anniversary Of The Oz Trial

Date Published: 16-12-2011

Gonzo Multimedia have published their first book. It is entitled The Trials of Oz and is written by the noted writer and film director Tony Palmer. Tony attended the trial and made notes during the proceedings of the celebrated trial on Obscenity.

The book is a detailed account of the trial and includes contributions from the defendants Richard Neville,Felix Dennis,Jim Anderson and other vetrans of the Oz Obscenity Trial.

The trial was a famous trial and attracted much media coverage and this bookl is published on the fortieth anniversary of  the trial where the editors of Oz magazine were on trial for crimes under the then obscenity law.
It is a fascinating book and one that will attract a large audience who not only remember the trial  but those who have subsequently heard about it in the intervening forty years.

Tony Palmer is a distinguished film director and author with many award winning films to his credit including the TV series and accompanying Book "All You Neded Is Love"


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