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Date Published: 25-01-2014



I am truly fond of Michael Des Barres, both as a person and as an artist. In a more just universe he would be a household name for his rich, thought-provoking, rock and soul stylings. Things have been rather chaotic all round for the past few months, and I realised with a start that it had been months since we last spoke, so I gave him a ring...

JON: What has been happening on Planet Michael for the last few months

MICHAEL: I have a radio show – two radio shows – that have a huge listenership on FM and on the internet.  I’m doing ‘200 Motels’ at the LA Philharmonic on October 23rd playing the Devil.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. It’s being staged with the Philarmonic’s 80-piece orchestra, 30-voice choir, and I’m playing the character  narrating the piece. I’ve got a live album, ‘Hot and Sticky’, that I did at the Viper Room coming out. Christmas I also have a ‘Best of Silverhead’ collection.  We found a song that none of us remember recording (which is spectacular!) which is on the album and live cuts from a BBC concert.  And, you know,  I’m doing various shows, more for charity organisations than actual sort of promotional shows.  

I’ve been working with two organisations; one is Little Kids Rock which raises money and awareness for inner-city kids to get instruments.  You know we live in a country where soldiers get guns and kids get nothing. And also this organisation, which is for orangutans, which are in danger of extinction because of the forests in Indonesia being destroyed for palm oil.  So I am very involved in – sort of – activism; I’m even more concentrating on being part of the solution and not the problem. I believe the cannabis law should be completely reconfigured to accommodate the pain that people suffer; the autistic children that can be helped  by cannabis, which I think is particularly potent because of my own sobriety, which is that for 33 years I haven’t had a joint or a drink. 

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