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Date Published: 24-11-2012


I am very fond of Erik Norlander. As you may or may not know I did an interview with him last week, but when it was all over he posted the following resume of the whole thing on Facebook, which was so nicely put that I couldn't resist reposting it..

A very nice 3-part interview with yours truly by Jonathan Downes for the Gonzo Blog. You can read the parts in any order without peril. 

Part One discusses the good ol' days of vinyl and liner notes along with the idea of "too much music."

 The tasty tangent of vindaloo curry has sadly been expurgated.

Part Two talks about Rick Wakeman playing the worst, cheap Casio synth you've ever heard and the responsibility of playing lavishly impressive keyboard rigs.

Part Three clarifies that I am not in a band called ASIA and talks about imminent plans from another band that I am, in fact, in.

Hope you enjoy it!


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