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Date Published: 13-05-2013

Over the last couple of weeks the magazine has featured the work of the Dutch performance artist called René van Commenée  who produces musical work under the name Mr Averell.  Last week we posted an interview with him, and as a sort of adjunct to that interview, here is an excerpt from a conversation that I had a few days ago with Judge Smith. 

For those of you who have not heard of Judge you should feel heartily ashamed of yourselves.  He was not only one of the founder members of Van De Graaf Generator, but he has released a number of albums in his own right including his genre of song stories - three of them so far, which have all been released through Gonzo and which are all  bloody good. We shall, no doubt, return to this subject very soon, but for today he tells me about his working relationship and friendship with the man behind Mr. Averell.

Give it a listen...

Read my Article about Mr Averell

Am I a fan of this idiosyncratic Dutchman? Am I going to blatantly abuse my position of power within the musical community to plug his music unmercifully? Damn tooting!


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