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Date Published: 17-04-2012

April 17, 2012 | by Admin
Jon Anderson of Yes and Asia fame (EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't know where they got this from. To the best of my knowledge he has never been in Asia) wrote two original songs for THE HIGHEST PASS a documentary film about 7 seekers and a guru who embark on a motorcycle adventure up through the highest pass in the Himalayas where the ultimately face their fears and find their truths. The film premieres at Laemmle’s in Santa Monica and Pasadena starting April 27, 2012.
Directed by Jon Fitzgerald (former AFI Film Festival director), and produced by Adam Schomer (the “featured” rider with the least riding experience), the film is gorgeously shot on HD with lush images from Rishikesh, the “birthplace of yoga,” to the high mountain region of Ladakh.
The Highest Pass soundtrack was scored by composer Michael Mollura. Acclaimed for his original compositions on ‘Climate Refugees’ and HBO’s ‘Hot Coffee’, both of which premiered at previous Sundance Film Festivals, Mollura brought his personal love of world music and yoga meditation to his work on the documentary. “I intentionally selected musicians to perform the music who were on their own spiritual journeys,” says Michael. “That’s what makes the soundtrack work and gives the music a vitality that is satiated with authenticity and love.”
Anderson is unmistakable on the infectious title song “The Highest Pass (Golden Days)” which can be heard at the end of the trailer here:

The Highest Pass Official Theatrical Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.
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