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12/04/2012 WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Michael Des Barres new album cover art

Date Published: 12-04-2012

Regular readers will know that for the last week or so, Michael Des Barres and I have been keeping up an ongoing dialogue about his forthcoming album, various groovy chunks of mid 60s rock'n'soul and my wife's home made cake.

Here, for the first time anywhere as far as I am aware, is the cover art for the eagerly awaited new album.

I spent much of the afternoon writing the release sheet for it (or to be more honest, sitting in my favourite armchair with the Orange cat and dictating it), and once it has been approved by the Cheesefinder General then I shall share it with you guys.

In the meantime, here is another chance to hear 'Painkiller', the song wot is going to be the first single. A little bird tells me that they are filming the video for it soon, so I will do my best to pinch you a few stills...


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