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04/05/2012 LINK: Rankopedia - Jon Anderson

Date Published: 04-05-2012

I've never heard of Rankopedia before. Basically it seems to be an online version of one of those tedious games that my particularly OCD muso mates and I used to play down the pub: Make a list ranking your favourite records by so and so. Terribly tedious to most people, absolutely gripping to an OCD Rock Music Historian/obsessive dude like me.

There is even a page on Jon Anderson. It reads:
Jon Anderson (born 1944) is a British singer considered by many as one of rock’s most intriguing ones, especially because of his particular alto voice. He is famous for being an essential part of two very popular groups, namely Yes and Jon & Vangelis. Included in the ranking are albums on which Anderson played a major part into. If you feel that some collaboration/guest appearance albums deserve to be featured in this ranking, please feel free to add them.

Check out what it says next...

DAMN! Just what I needed. Another web page to waste my time on all day when I should be getting on with something constructive...


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