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Date Published: 24-05-2012

I like the way that various artists in the Gonzo family are using Gonzo Daily as a sort of Parish Magazine, to tell their stories and to post notifications about what is happening in their lives and careers. This is exactly what I set it up for, and I am so glad that it is working according to plan. For example, today Merrell Fankhauser writes:

I have several releases comin out on other labels in the next few months as well... Spirit drummer Ed Cassidy and I have a song I wrote titled "Two Guys From The 60's" on a Sky Saxon (of The Seeds) tribute CD box coming out this summer, also we just finished my son's first solo album that also features Cassidy and The Revels ("Commanche" in the movie "Pulp Fiction"), we are looking for a label for Sunny Tim Fankhauser "I've Got The Right To Sing The Blues" !

Also this summer my 1992 album "Flying To Machu Picchu" is being reissued, and certainly last but not least my "Area 51 Suite" album with bonus DVD on Gonzo! Sept. 21st I am doing a concert in Santa Maria, CA with Chuck Negorn (Three Dog Night) and Jim Messina (Loggins & Messina), and many more being scheduled....

Below is a pic of myself and my son Tim (the Lefty) and our band at a concert, we plan to use it somewhere in the booklet for Tim's album. You can use it in your blog if you like?



Check out his Gonzo artist page, and buy his CDs


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