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13/07/2012 YES: Another interesting Chris Squire interview

Date Published: 13-07-2012

Progressive rock band Yes performs tonight at the Tropicana with Procol Harum.

Progressive rock


 By actual count, 18 musicians and singers have transited through the lineup of Yes, the pioneering progressive and symphonic rock band that began stirring up the musical pot when Chris Squire and Jon Anderson formed the group in 1968.


 Squire, whose melodic and contoured playing made him one of the most influential bass guitarists of early British prog rock bands, wonders how it might sound if everyone who passed through the band got together to play. 


 For that to happen, though, it would have to be a very special occasion, and Squire has already identified that potential moment . 


 “Maybe on the day when they induct us into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if that ever happens,” Squire says with a rueful laugh...



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