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Karnataka: Secrets of Angels French Review (translated)

Date Published: 08-05-2015


Written by TonyB on 04/03/2015 

Five new (long) years have passed since the remarkable "The Gathering Light", who saw Karnataka regain color after the flight of almost all of its members, and the group led by Ian Jones we produce a neo- Symphony beautiful progressive. 

Life is not a bed of roses, it's a new bleeding the remaining duo Jones-to-the-bass and guitars in the Pinna-faced, allowing in its midst soprano Hayley Griffiths, Turkish keyboardist Cagri Tozluoglu and a "little Frenchie" behind the drums, Jimmy Pallagrosi, this quintet offers us this beginning of year 2015 his fifth album entitled "Secrets of Angels". The appetizer personified by 'Road to Cairo' reveals more qu'alléchante entrance: the sound is powerful, supported by a heavy battery, the neo-symphonic keyboards fill the space and above all, a passionate melody contours orientalizing, driven by the sublime voice Hayley Griffiths, a hit immediately. . Five minutes of pure happiness follows will switch unfortunately the wrong side of the piece: despite still put up in flamboyant, Karnataka convenes on the following six beaches pompous side eyeing greedily to the symphonic metal Nightwish and other Within Temptation . If 'Because of You' or 'Borderline' are still illusion, the melodies become more arbitrary and pieces are summarized with combos verses / choruses stronger agreed.In addition, it is left very little room for instrumental parts and any real guitar solo or section of keyboards other than the maelstrom about drowning in a flood of sound layers piling on top of each other will come vary the point. Admittedly, this epic saga breath proposed by the keyboards could stick to the soundtrack of "Lord of the Rings" or other similar fresco, but is there more in form than in substance. However, the Karnataka talent returns explode in our faces as epic as 20 minutes from close this cake. Picking up the thread of "The Gathering Light" adorning it with this new epic, the group manages to sublimate offering us a major piece sticking own shivers down the spine of any being with a receiving ear. 

After three minutes with a superb Celtic melody accompanied by flutes Troy Donockley 'Secrets of Angels' takes off for a first portion gradually rising power.Hayley Griffiths finally sing without doubling his own voice, and it thus benefits without prejudice to its sublime body. The second part of the song is also remarkable, starting with some marillionesque that one might end sessions "Clutching at Straws ", and ending with a grand final mixing Uileann Pipes and (finally!) a real ripping guitar solo soul of the listener (3 minutes of pure bliss), all served by a powerful companion army. In When evaluating this cake, and despite a final beautiful remaining long in memory, it is a slight feeling of disappointment prevails, the fault to a central portion generating over Listens best indifferent, at worst trouble.

Everyone is free to prefer the new direction of the group personified by the pop-metal-symphonic section or not. 

For me, the choice is quickly made.


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