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Creme Anglaise - Creme Anglaise (CD)

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 5th July 2010

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HSTJ012CD
Price: $10.49
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Creme Anglaise - Creme Anglaise
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Crème Anglaise is a group put together by John Helliwell outside of his commitments to the world-renowned Supertramp. John Helliwell's Crème Anglaise includes Mark Hart (vocals, guitar and keyboards) from Supertramp and Crowded House, Mike Walker (internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist) and the rocking Geth Griffith on double bass and bass guitar.  On piano and drums respectively are Arthur Lea and Ben Bryant, two very talented young men, both completing their degrees at The Royal Academy of Music in London when the band was formed.

Crème Anglaise was formed in April 2004. In February 2005 the band recorded its debut album in France. It was then mixed by John and Mark Hart in New York, in March. There are 6 original tunes on the CD, which also includes a special guest the soul/gospel singer Barbara Walker from Philadelphia. John Helliwell says of the album, “I am excited about this project, and very proud of the contributions from all concerned.”

As with any project from the members of a major band Crème Anglaise will no doubt attract attention in both the music press and the more mainstream publications.

Cold Duck Time
Lullaby for Channing
Wise Words
When I Was Young
Girl Talk
A Side Eye Glance at the Lobe
Waly Waly
I Thought That Life Was So Beautiful


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