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Iona - Iona (CD)

Genre: Celtic
Release Date: 7th June 2019

Label: Open Sky
Catalogue Number: OPENVP1CD
Price: $10.49
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Iona - Iona
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In July 1989, after having played only one concert together under the name of Iona, David Fitzgerald and David Bainbridge recorded a four-track instrumental demo-tape at the studio of friend Neil Costello with the aim of gaining some record company interest in there newly formed project. A month later, after performing a short set on the fringe at the Greenbelt Festival (their second ever gig, and the first with Joanne), Iona were offered a record deal with World Records. Iona's debut album is permeated with the enthusiasm of their discovery of the rich stream of their Celtic Christian heritage and also with the haunting, timeless atmosphere of the islands of Iona and Lindisfarne, to which their pilgrimage took them.

"A simply stunning musical trio, with a quite brilliant recording of the same name. Iona have a sound all their own but there are distinct Celtic influences along with classical, rock and jazz." 21CC Magazine - Aug 1990

" evocative music which with it's crafty synthesis of the Gaelic and the symphonic jazz-rock fusion and ethnic folk influences make an album brimming over with superb musicianship." Cross Rhythms Magazine - Aug/Sept 1990

"Every once in great while an album comes along that makes you glad you invested in a word processor and begged some bleary eyes editor to read your stuff. IONA is such an album." CCM Magazine - USA 1991

"The music for those who like the early Genesis, Van der Graff Generator, Renaissance, Passport or any of the European classical-rock bands of the early to mid 1970's. If I had to pick the 10 of the very best of 1990, IONA would definitely be one of them." The Christian Chronicle - USA Aug 1991

"An outstanding fusion of folk/rock/jazz - those who enjoyed Van Morrison's performances with the Chieftans will love it." Southern Cross Australia - June 1991

"Iona is a quintet from the U.K. which has created some of the most dramatically different music on today's music scene. Iona's music contains elements of classical-rock, like Yes and the Moody Blues, mixed with the more modern ethnic experimentation of artists such as Clannad, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel" White Thorne Magazine - USA 1991

"The music on IONA's debut album is as refreshing as the moors of their namesake Scottish Isle." CCM Magazine - USA 1991

"Beautiful, mystic and edifying..powerful, pure and simple". Musikk Forum Magazine - Norway Jan 1993

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