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Iona, Nick Beggs, Mostly Autumn and More - Songs For Luca 2 (CD)

Genre: Celtic
Release Date: 3rd May 2010

Label: Open Sky
Catalogue Number: OPENVP998CD
Price: $14.29
Available: In Stock

Iona, Nick Beggs, Mostly Autumn and More - Songs For Luca 2
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Songs For Luca 2 is, as the title suggests, the follow up to the original release Songs For Luca, released in 2003. It is a two-disc set featuring songs by many artists who have donated the track to raising money for Dave and Debbie's son Luca.

Among the artists contributing to this particular release are: Dave and Debbie Bainbridge, Iona, Nick Beggs, Mostly Autumn, Joanne Hogg The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Mae McKenna and Moya Brennan.

All proceeds from this album will go towards helping Dave and Debbie's autistic son Luca overcome the challenges that autism bring to his life using the Son-Rise Programme, (Autism Treatment Centre of America), a home-based, parent-led programme in a special playroom where Luca is loved and respected in a non-judgmental environment; where we enter his world and explore, and inspire Luca to want to join us more, step by step, all at Luca's pace. The money will pay for Son-Rise's invaluable support services including phone consultations, video feedback, home outreach visits and a week-long visit to the USA for the whole family to complete their intensive course.

Eirigh Suas a Stoirin - Moya Brennan
Big Fish Rumba - Dave Beegle
Journey Into The Morn (new version) - Joanne Hogg
A Stor Mo Chroi - Donockley/Bainbridge
Strange Kind of Friend - Martyn Joseph
Lost For You - Soulful Terrain
A Winter in Hokkaido - Kenso
I Ask No Dream - Joanne Hogg
Asilomar Sunrise - Keith Baker
Across the Sea - Bainbridge/Keaggy
Rahim Dhaga - Aradhna
Arabesque - Eureka
Excuses to Fall - Richard John Thompson
In Your Arms - Debbie Bainbridge
Dreaming - Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Bird of Heaven (2007 remix) - Iona
Do Wot You Want - Nick Beggs
Circles of Stone - Chasing The Monsoon
Hymn to the Sea - Troy Donockley
Silver Moon - Nick Fletcher
Super Glue - Rachel Taylor-Beales
Sacred Space - Debbie Bainbridge
Winter is King - Mostly Autumn (feat. Troy Donockley)
O Euchari - David Fitzgerald & Dave Bainbridge
A Prayer - Mae McKenna & Dave Bainbridge
The Brilliance of Stars - Deborah Martin
Almighty Father who Dost Give - Joanne Hogg
Out of the Ether - Guillermo Cides & Emmett Chapman
Luca - Theophonic Cloud
Red Sun - Nick Fletcher & Dave Bainbridge


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