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Rick Wakeman, Karnataka, Gentle Giant and more - Songs For Luca (CD)

Genre: Celtic
Release Date: 7th June 2019

Label: Open Sky
Catalogue Number: OPENVP999CD
Price: $14.29
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Rick Wakeman, Karnataka, Gentle Giant and more - Songs For Luca
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26 tracks in all, of which 10 are previously unreleased (these including an epic version of Matthew the Man - live in Tokyo 2001 and Beijing - widescreen remix from Iona, and other unreleased tracks from Dave Bainbridge, Bainbridge & Fitzgerald ('live' in Norwich Cathedral - 1998), The Flower Kings, Frank van Essen, Nick Beggs and Debbie Bainbridge - some of these especially written for Luca).

Also features tracks by Rick Wakeman, Maire Brennan, Karnataka, Eden's Bridge, Joanne Hogg, Troy Donockley, Peter Fairclough Group, Mae McKenna, Terl Bryant, Jeff Johnson, Gentle Giant, Adrian Snell and Julie Tippetts.

All proceeds from this album will go towards helping Dave and Debbie's autistic son Luca overcome the challenges that autism bring to his life using the Son-Rise Programme, (Autism Treatment Centre of America). This is a home-based, parent-led programme in a special playroom where Luca is loved and respected in a non-judgmental environment. Here we enter his world and explore and inspire Luca to want to join us more, step by step, all at Luca's pace. The money will pay for Son-Rise's invaluable support services including phone consultations, video feedback, home outreach visits and a weeklong visit to the USA for the whole family to complete their intensive course.


Disc One:   

1.    Columba Aspexit – David Fitzgerald

2.    Open Sea – Eden’s Bridge

3.    Sights – Troy Donockley

4.    In the Wake of Colmcille – Dave Bainbridge

5.    Shepher Wheel – Peter Fairclough Group

6.    A King’s Prayer – The Flower Kings

7.    Brightest and Best – Joanne Hogg

8.    For Luca – Nick Beggs

9.    The Whistlin’ Gypsy Rover – Mac McKenna

10. Esther – Frank van Essen

11.  Beijing (The Widescreen Remix) – Iona

12. I’ll Look For You – Jeff Johnson

13. Starlit Garden – Debbie Bainbridge

Disc Two:

1.    After the Rain – Karnataka

2.    Morning Has Broken – Rick Wakeman

3.    My Song is Love Unknown – Teri Bryant

4.    Labyrinth – Frank van Essen

5.    Lament – Julie Tippetts

6.    Man (Live in Tokyo) – Iona

7.    Like Father, Like Son – Adrian Snell

8.    Misty Eyed Adventures – Maire Brennan

9.    Forever in my Heart – Nick Beggs

10. Aspirations – Gentle Giant

11. Ca’ The Ewes – Mae McKenna

12. Open My Eyes (reprise) – Bainbridge/Fitzgerald

13. Bright Flame – Debbie Bainbridge



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