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Various Artists - All You Need is Love Volume 14 All Along The Watchtower (Sour Rock) (DVD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 17th August 2009

Label: Tony Palmer Films
Catalogue Number: TPDVD142
Price: $10.49
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Various Artists - All You Need is Love Volume 14 All Along The Watchtower  (Sour Rock)
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Over the past forty-plus years British film director Tony Palmer has established himself as one of the country's foremost directors of documentary and factual films. One of Tony Palmer's first successes was the film All My Loving, which was released in 1968. Some seven years later Tony had the idea, encouraged by John Lennon, to document the history of popular music. The result was the groundbreaking and award-winning series of films made for television under the title All You Need Is Love.

The full series of films was released in 2008 to great critical and commercial acclaim.

In this episode we turn our attention to the end of the sixties, a time when there was dissent and war in the world and the chaos was reflected in the music with bands splitting up and moving on.

The sixties began, according to Eric Burdon as "a party."  "The aim of all of us, Hendrix, The Who, The Stones", Burdon goes on, "was to ball every chick in sight".  Unfortunately, the party went sour.  After the death of Epstein, The Beatles quarrelled and split up.  Jagger was arrested.  Drugs became fashionable.  The swinging sixties tore itself apart in an orgy of self-congratulation and self-indulgence.

Told through interviews with many of the main players of the time such as Eric Burdon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, this episode shows the other side of the carefree sixties.

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