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The Good Old Boys - Live at the Deep Purple Convention (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 13th July 2009

Label: Wymer Records
Catalogue Number: TSA1001
Price: $14.29
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The Good Old Boys - Live at the Deep Purple Convention
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Collectively the individual members of The Good Old Boys have enough rock ‘n' roll experience and pedigree to stretch around Wembley Stadium several times over. The tales they can tell about their lives in the business could fill a book the size of War And Peace.

Therefore it will come as some surprise to many that it has been so long for this release to emerge. Has there ever been a band that has been in existence for twenty-five years before releasing it's first full, official, bona-fide album?

In April 1968 Deep Purple was launched to the world when the band walked out on stage in Denmark for the first time. Forty years on and still going strong, to mark the occasion, an all-day Deep Purple convention took place at Esquires in Bedford on 3rd May 2008. Amongst the day's events was a unique performance by The Good Old Boys featuring Deep Purple's original bassist Nick Simper, who played on the first three albums, Shades Of Deep Purple, Book Of Taliesyn and Deep Purple.

The Good Old Boys performed a powerful set that showcases its rock ‘n' roll roots and musicianship, and included a selection of classic well-known songs from the sixties and seventies including Shakin' All Over, a song the band always plays as a tribute to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. Apart from being synonymous with Deep Purple, one of the greatest rock bands ever, Simper had his first big break when he joined The Pirates in 1966. Sadly within a few months, both Simper and Kidd were involved in a car accident, that tragically took Johnny Kidd's life.

This live performance also includes a blistering version of Hush, the song that launched Deep Purple all those years ago. However, aside from these classics, the other songs are just as impressive, such as Don't Worry Baby with some truly blistering dual guitar work.

This CD comes with a 12-page booklet with full band history, behind-the -scenes stories and photos from the actual performance and soundcheck.

The Good Old Boys also includes Richard Hudson (drums and vocals) the well-known charismatic percussionist from The Strawbs, who along with John Ford, co-wrote that band's unmistakable seventies smash hit Part Of The Union, which reached number 2 in early '73. His career also encompasses periods with Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera and Hudson Ford, where he scored hits with Pick Up The Pieces and Burn Baby Burn, and later under the guise of The Monks, had another top-twenty hit with Nice Legs Shame About Her Face. There were also periods with High Society and touring with one-time Strawbs man and Yes keyboard star Rick Wakeman.

Lead singer Alan Barratt started his professional career with the original English Jo-Jo Gunne who supported many top acts including Fleetwood Mac, The Who and Jimi Hendrix. His unique, understated, relaxed vocal style has led to his continued success and popularity, making him one of the most sought after names in rock ‘n' roll today.

Peter Parks (guitar & vocals) played alongside Nick Simper in the Deep Purple offshoot band Warhorse, which recorded two highly collectible albums on the Vertigo label. The pair subsequently recorded two albums with the much acclaimed Fandango. Parks has also performed with BB King and his fine rock and blues guitar playing is a huge asset to the band.

Simon Bishop (guitar & vocals) was originally a session guitarist for the BBC. He has toured with Renaissance and Patti Boulaye, worked alongside Bad Company's Mick Ralph and done session work in Nashville where his unique country rock guitar style places him in great demand.

I'm Ready
A Fool For Your Stockings
My Way
Shakey Ground
Twenty Flight Rock
Somebody To Love
Don't Worry Baby
C'mon Everybody
Shakin' All Over
Oh Well
All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin' Over Tonight


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