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Yes - Rock of the 70s (DVD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 15th December 2009

Label: Voiceprint
Catalogue Number: VPDVD72
Price: $10.49
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While it might sound like a compilation of miscellaneous footage this
DVD in fact picks up
where last year's collection of Belgian TV appearances Lost Broadcasts
left off being in reality a Belgian TV film made to showcase
selections from the then current Yes album Time And A Word shortly
after its release in 1970. Originally broadcast as a TV special
immediately prior to Yes' appearance at the Huy festival in September
1970 the band -here including newly arrived ex Tomorrow guitarist
Steve Howe - are shown in a variety of locations including travelling
around in a dune buggy, lounging in canal barges and playing in a
scapyard while miming to the tracks Astral Traveller, Everydays, Then
and No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed with brief
interludes from individual band members connecting each of the songs.
Despite having a playing time of just under 26 minutes this will
stilll be a welcome addition to the library for all serious
connoisseurs of golden age prog.
Grahame Bent (Shindig)

Astral Traveller
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