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Methodman And Redman - Live In Paris 2006 (CD)

Genre: Hip Hop
Release Date: 26th January 2009

Label: Vaporize
Catalogue Number: VPZ001CD
Price: $10.49
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Methodman And Redman - Live In Paris 2006
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Methodman and Redman are a duo that first came together on the album Blackout. Prior to that Methodman had been a member of the hugely successful Wu Tang Clan. Both were supreme Rappers/MCs but they worked well together and complimented each other being similar in style. The duo have been successful in the singles and albums charts with singles such as How High and their debut album together Blackout


Live in Paris 2006 captures the duo in front of a live audience in a high octane performance that never lets up for a minute. The set list includes the duos massive American hit single How High.

Intro 4.30
Diggy Doc 0.55
Tine 4 Sum Aksion 1.13
Method Man 2.43
Blow Your Mind 1.12
Tonightís The Night 2.31
Ali i Need 1.46
Pick It Up 1.32
Keep In Ď99 3.13
Bring The Pain 1.35
Freestyle 2.00
Street 101 2.21
Freestyle 1.34
DJ Dyce - Scratching 3.21
Smash Sumthin 1.59
Letís Get Dirty 1.41
Freestyle 2.50
Let Da Monkey Out 3.27
The Motto 3.24
How High 3.41
How High Part II 2.13
Y.O.U. 3.32
Judgement Day 2.15
Da Rockwilder 2.19
Shimmy Shimmy Ya


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