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The Sugar Hill Gang - The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour (DVD)

Genre: Hip Hop
Release Date: 2nd March 2009

Label: Vaporize
Catalogue Number: VPZ005DVD
Price: $10.49
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The Sugar Hill Gang - The Hip Hop Anniversary Tour
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In the early 1970’s a new musical genre was born in the neighbourhoods of the South Bronx in New York. Teenagers with imagination built a new musical style taken from a number of styles and influences and turned them into a whole new musical genre. Hip-Hop was a product of pure street-wise ingenuity by extracting rhythms and melodies from existing records and mixing with streetwise lyrics and street poetry. From this came the origins of Rap.

From there it spread across the world, gaining more cultural significance as the years rolled by. Today, it is one of the most potent and successful musical categories of the 21st Century.
The Sugar Hill Gang scored the first and most popular Hip Hop single of all time: "Rappers Delight". "Rappers Delight" was released on Sugar Hill Records in 1979 and became one of the biggest hit records in music history, selling thousands of units daily in 1979 and with over 8 million sold singles the Sugar Hill Gang scored the biggest selling single of all time. This truly revolutionary release is stilling selling today and remains a timeless party anthem.

This DVD captures the band along with Melle Mel in front of an audience performing their greatest hits and from the performance captured here at the Hip Hop Anniversary tour in Germany in 2008 it can be seen that the band and the genre is as relevant now as it ever was.

Fast Lane I Making Cash Money
I Like
Club on Lock
8th Wonder
Rappers Delight
The Big 3: Myspace
The Big 3: Bless The Mic


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