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Eric Burdon - The Lost Broadcasts (DVD)

Genre: Blues/Rock
Release Date: 10th October 2011

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST059DVD
Price: $10.49
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Eric Burdon - The Lost Broadcasts
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The Lost Broadcasts are a series of DVD sets featuring performances that have rarely been seen since the original transmission on German television, in some cases more than forty years ago. Some of the artists featured within the series are legendary and these 'lost' performances will be a fine addition to any music fan's collection. The series covers a number of styles and genres; however, all of the performances are of a high calibre.

Eric Burdon first came to fame as vocalist with the Newcastle band The Animals. The band enjoyed massive worldwide success with the hit single The House Of The Rising Sun. Whilst a member of the original Animals Burdon recorded a number of other hit singles including Don't Let me Be Misunderstood, It's My Life and We Gotta get Out Of This Place.

Following the split of the original Animals in 1966 Burdon formed a new band called Eric Burdon and The Animals sometimes referred to as  The New Animals. This band moved more in the direction of psychedelic rock music and were heavily influenced by the music coming out of San Francisco at the time. During his time in San Francisco in 1969 Eric Burdon hooked up with funk band War and soon joined the band working under the title Eric Burdon and War. This collaborative team recorded two albums with Burdon onboard, including Eric Burdon Declares War and Black Man's Burdon. They also enjoyed singles success with Spill The Wine from Declares War and to a lesser extent Paint It Black from Black Man's Burdon.

The session that produced this DVD package was filmed in September 1970 and features four tracks, two tracks apiece from the two albums then currently available. The performance features the hit single Spill The Wine alongside Tobacco Road, Bare Back Rider and Paint It Black,  which is extended way beyond its original two plus minutes with the version included here extended to almost thirteen minutes in length. Shortly after, during the tour to promote Black Man's Burdon, Eric Burdon collapsed with a suspected asthma attack and left the tour and the band. War continued without him, finishing the tour, and Eric Burdon went on to a solo career with occasional reformations of The Animals. This is a historic performance, which captures Eric Burdon from an exciting period of his career and whilst the period 1970-1971 is a well documented part of Eric's career in print this film footage of Eric Burdon and War performing together is rare.


Licensed courtesy of Joe Sweetinburgh / Impressive Records Consultants

LLP at:

1. Spill The Wine
2. Bear Back Rider
3. Paint It Black
4. Tobacco Road


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