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Jackson Webber - What It Is (CD)

Genre: Prog rock
Release Date: 19th March 2012

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST094CD
Price: $10.49
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Jackson Webber - What It Is
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Will Jackson and Roy Webber are members of the British progressive rock band Wally. This band has been kicking up its heels since the 1970s. Their newest recording is very melodic and has an acoustic feel that warms the soul. What It Is will be the first recording from Roy Webber in over thirty-six years. The album was begun back in 2006 and is now complete.

Falling Down is the first track on the album. Layered with percussion and intricate guitar riffs, this piece grabbed from the get go. The vocals are smooth and ease you into the melody. The textures created here are a myriad of beautiful tendrils twining together just as the cover art suggests. Voices coalesce into one and the instrumentation is flawless and natural.
Heartbreaker has a decidedly country element for a band in the progressive rock genre. In fact, this band is more than a single genre. It brings to life elements of progressive rock, country and creates a kind of fusion that works. This is an album to pay attention to. The twangy feel to this piece made me want to get my boots out and take up dancing. The steady rhythm of the drums and guitar riffs, and the melodic nature of this piece had me at the start.

Your Own Way is the last track on the album. The country flavour of this piece is very evident with the strong acoustic guitar and piano elements. A lament in the true sense of the word, this is a ballad of longing. Dreams of a relationship now gone wisp through strains of old country twang, smooth masculine vocals and guitar chords that will curl your hair.

What It Is brings back old country flavourings and blends it with acoustic rock to be much more than just one genre. Jackson and Webber have crafted an album Wally fans will love, and a sound that new fans like myself will adore as well. Skillful guitar riffs, fluid piano, avid percussion and vocals that will make you stand up and take notice make this an album you will want to add to your collection.  
Key Tracks- Falling Down, Heartbreaker, Your Own Way
Dana Staff

'Will Jackson and Roy Webber are members of the British progressive Rock band Wally. The band Wally has a large and dedicated following and a history that stretches back to the mid seventies when the band were signed to Atlantic Records and released two albums which were produced by Bob Harris of The Old Grey Whistle Test fame. This album under the name Jackson Webber was recorded by Will Jackson and Roy Webber in 2006 and features ten tracks of finely crafted melodic rock songs with a strong acoustic feel. This along with the recently released third album from Wally sees the first new recordings to come from Roy Webber in more than thirty six years. Tracks include, Falling Down, Heartbreaker, She Said and Stoney Ground. Wally has a large and dedicated fan following and as such this album will be of enormous interest to the Wally fan base.'

1. Falling Down
2. It's Only Fool
3. Heartbreaker
4. She Said
5. Another Time
6. In The Night
7. Shame On You
8. I Believe In
9. Wish I Was Falling
10. Stoney Ground


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