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My Name is Janet - Red Room Blue (CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 28th November 2011

Label: Galileo Records
Catalogue Number: GLR106CD
Price: $10.49
Available: In Stock

My Name is Janet - Red Room Blue
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There are eight songs just as eight emotional conditions of a man who  is eager to get out from the house consisting a lot of red rooms there. Each room is some kind of this man's reminding about an unfortunate life. The only way to be happy is to break any door (all of that doors are tightly closed and nailed up) or to find the solution to be outside of the house.

Finally, he could escape from his hermit space and appear in the free world. But has he enough fantasy to create his new life? There is the parallel line of the concept. The Tower of Babel is a body of a man. The people inside this tower are the man's confusing thoughts misunderstanding and pushing away one another. MY NAME IS JANET is Jim AvivA (AvivA, AvivA Omnibus) - vocals/ keyboards Andy Larocque (King Diamond) - guitars Eric Rauti (Dreamland, Torch) - guitars/ bass Alexx - drums (Dreamland)

1. Tower of Babel
2. Accidental Love
3. On The Powerful Waves
4. Cold Heaven
5. World Is Still Tragic
6. Slave of Solitude
7. Red Room Blue
8. Babel


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