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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition (2CD1DVD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 6th August 2012

Label: Think Tank Media
Catalogue Number: TTMV1006
Price: $25.99
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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition
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In the spirit of his much acclaimed ROCKET SCIENTISTS - LOOKING BACKWARD multimedia box set comes a new DVD/2CD release from symphonic rock keyboard master, Erik Norlander. THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a brand new take on the best of Erik’s vast instrumental compositions written for Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane and his own solo albums over the years. Recorded on an amazing arsenal of classic analog synthesizers (including 6 Moog instruments), Hammond organ and an incredible Steinway model B grand piano at Cleveland Ohio’s prestigious Magnetic North Studio with engineer Chris Keffer and executive producer Dena Henry along with bassist Mark Matthews, drummer Nick LePar and choral vocal sections by Lana Lane and John Payne along with a suite of guest guitarists including John Payne, Mitch Perry, Mark McCrite, Ron Redfield and Freddy DeMarco, THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a must have for all fans of keyboard - oriented instrumental progressive rock. The DVD and 2CD set includes the complete album, ERIK NORLANDER.

THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE, both on CD and DVD with the complete in-studio video shot during the actual sessions (as seen on YouTube). The DVD includes extensive interview footage of Erik discussing each song, its conception and new interpretation for this project. A second disc of well-crafted (not filler!) unreleased alternate versions and a new recording of Erik’s classic arrangement of “Space: 1999” makes up the second CD as Echoes from the Collective. Full color, detailed booklet with liner notes by Michelle Moog, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation.

Freddy DeMarco (guitars), Mark Matthews (bass) and Nick LePar (drums) with special guests:

John Payne (guitars, choral vocals), Lana Lane (choral vocals), Mitch Perry (guitars), Ron Redfield (guitars) and Mark McCrite (guitars)


"Yes, Moog, Hammond organ, Mellotron, Steinway grand piano, ARP, Oberheim, Fender Rhodes, you name it, and Norlander throws it into the fray here on The Gallacic Collective. Kudos to this brilliant musician for taking some classic tunes and breathing new life into them, not just for those who perhaps didn't hear them the first time around, but for all the loyal fans as well who always wanted to have them gift wrapped in one nice set." - Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility


"The music is absolutely pompous and full of keyboards pyrotechnics. Some of the tracks were done before by Norlander but here they have a new treatment, with a superb sound and production … If you like pompous instrumentals full of keyboard pyrotechnics and great sound and production (with great bass sound), that is the case. An excellent addition of progressive rock music." - ProgArchives


"Erik Norlander, master prog rock keyboardist renowned for his work with Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane, Roswell Six, Asia featuring John Payne and a multitude of his own projects takes you through a fantastic microcosmic tour of his career with the reworking of several of his classic songs … Erik Norlander's keyboard capabilities defy superlatives as well, as those who have been following his career know that his talents make him deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as such luminaries as Wakeman, Emerson, Lord and Moog … For those not familiar with his work, it is an excellent introduction to a true prog rock maestro." - Mark Waterbury,


"The entire album is amazing from start to finish with some songs that stood out to me like “Fanfare For Absent Friends”, “Neurosaur”, “Trantor Station” and the afore mentioned epic 20 minute , “The Dark Water”." - Ron Fuchs,

"'Dreamcurrents,' a classical piano solo … maintains a keyboard solo approach, but works through several flavors and styles. It reminds me a lot of some of the music from the first part of Rick Wakeman’s solo career. That’s not to say it’s the only thing I hear, but it’s a big part of it. Other instruments do join around the 3 and a half minute mark and moves us into a more ELP or at least more “rock” music direction." - Gary Hill, Music Street Journal


"The list of artists Norlander has recorded with or produced/engineered is too long to list here. With influences ranging from Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson to Jeff Lynne and Alan Parsons, Norlander draws from a rich musical history to create compositions with a classic feel and fresh energy. Norlander recently released The Galactic Collective, his 8th solo album and 33rd overall, Norlander builds on an impressive body of work." - Wildy's World


"If you are a Wakeman - Emerson fan and crave for new material, you should certainly check out The Galactic Collective." - ProgGnosis


"In the spirit of his much-acclaimed Rocket Scientists “Looking Backward” multimedia box set comes a new combination DVD/CD release from symphonic rock keyboard virtuoso Erik Norlander. "The Galactic Collective” is a fresh and innovative take on the best of Erik’s vast instrumental catalog written for Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane, and his own solo albums over the years." - USA Prog Music


Melodic Progressive Rock 5.0/5.0 !!!

"The Galactic Collective roots go back to the turn of the millenium. Erik Norlander wanted, at some point, to take his favorite instrumental pieces, whether recorded with Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists, or on solo efforts, and give them new life in new arrangements. In 2010, his vision came to fruition with The Galactic Collective. Here we have, not just the original album, but more in the Definitive Edition.

Considering again the DVD side, first, we have the studio recordings that were shown on YouTube. This is great stuff. But what's even better is Norlander's comments before every song. Here you get not only the history of the song, but also what he intends to develop in these new recordings. If you're a musician, you'll get this; having the ability to envision new interpreations of your material is mouth-watering stuff. Again, as mentioned in my review of Live in Gettysburg, Norlander is articulate and gracious.

Also included on the DVD is a 22 minute feature about the 'Wall of Doom,' the affectionate description of Norlander's synthesizer monolith. Techheads and keyboardists will rejoice as he describes and explains in some detail the technical aspects of this instruments. Mostly, I didn't get what he was talking about, but it was cool nonetheless.

Regarding the CDs, one offers, of course, The Galactive Collective studio recording. The second, called Echoes from the Collective delivers variations on Sky Full of Stars, Garden of the Moon, and The Dark Water called The Darker Water. Yet, fans will likely dig another representation of theme from Space: 1999, a staple of Norlander's catalog.

As with Live in Gettysburg, the Definitive Edition is marvelous. Both are highly recommended."

DVD Feature (1 hour 53mins) Main Titles
Introductory Interview
Interview: Neurosaur
Interview: Fanfare For Absent Friends
Fanfare for Absent Friends
Interview: Sky Full of Stars
Sky Full of Stars
Interview: Astrology Prelude
Astrology Prelude
Interview: Trantor Station
Trantor Station
Interview: After The Revolution
After The Revolution
Interview: Garden of the Moon
Garden of the Moon
Interview: Dreamcurrents
Interview: The Dark Water
The Dark Water/End Credits
DVD Featurette: Behind The Wall of Doom: The Synthesizers of The Galactic Collective (22 mins)

Audio CD1: (1hour 19 mins) Arrival
Fanfare For Absent Friends
Sky Full of Stars
Astrology Prelude
Trantor Station
After The Revolution
Garden of the Moon
The Dark Water

Audio CD2: Echoes From The Collective (45 mins) Space: 1999
Sky Full of Stars - Piano and Vocal Version
Garden of the Moon - Long Version
The Darker Water
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