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Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street LIMITED EDITION with BONUS DVD (CD)

Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: 9th July 2012

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST114CD-DVD
Price: $14.29
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Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street LIMITED EDITION with BONUS DVD
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The bonus  DVD includes an in depth interview with MDB about the reasons behind the album, his band, his take on the music biz, what he listens to and where he’s at. Entertaining and informative stuff.  A promotional video of the break out song "YOU'RE MY PAIN KILLER" along with 4 live videos of the tracks from the album recorded at the legendary Hollywood night club "THE VIPER ROOM".

Along with some surprise  and rare videos from his musical past and an audio of Swan Song act DETECTIVE'S much heralded song 'ONE MORE HEARTACHE".

This bonus dvd is a comprehensive MDB'S past, and present! You will determine the future !!!!

There is much excitement within the music press and fans alike around the world about the news of the return of glam rock icon Michael Des Barres and his forthcoming CD release 'Carnaby Street' on Gonzo MultiMedia, UK. Michael Des Barres has been entrenched in the rock ‘n’ roll scene for four decades now; a European nobleman, brought up in England, living in Los Angeles, but with an enduring love of delta blues and the rock and soul of the mid-60s beat boom, he was front man for such seminal 1970s bands as Silverhead and Detective (featuring Tony Kaye of Yes). Jimmy Page personally signed Detective to Led Zeppelin's Swan Song records in 1975. Michael Des Barres was also the singer with the touring and Live Aid version of The Power Station, a Duran Duran spin-off band that became one of the most iconic live acts of the mid-1980s. From 1982 to 1985, Michael was a member of Chequered Past, which included Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison from Blondie, and Tony Sales of Todd Rundgren ('Runt') and Tin Machine fame. In 1985, Michael penned the song "Obsession", which became a number one hit in 27 countries for LA new wave group Animotion; the track has been featured in numerous movies throughout the years.

Afterover 40 years of recording and performing, Michael has returned to his mid-Sixties roots with 'Carnaby Street', his first new album in many years. Revisiting his youth in swinging London, 'Carnaby Street' is an aural window into rock and roll's past through the eyes and mind of Michael Des Barres. “The music I am making now is inspired by my past in the mid '60s / early '70s,” Michael explains. “As a kid I would go watch all the skinny white blues rock 'n' roll musicians in the clubs and it hit me like a hammer! I was so influenced by both the courage of these young white guys combined with the soulful rawness of the African American bluesmen, and the hybrid was so fascinating to me that it really stimulated my entire musical vocabulary. So when I got back into writing songs a couple years ago and compelled to play them, realizing that that's really the only thing I wanted to do was to write songs based on the authenticity of what I'd initially heard.”

This album may quote from the idioms laid down by Wilson Pickett, Zoot Money, and The Rolling Stones, but it is no exercise in retro-stylings. This is very much a piece of the second decade of the 21st Century. It may even be Michael Des Barres’ most important work to date. The opening line of the title track immediately sets the tone of the album; “I was 19 in 1967, on the streets of London. I was in Heaven. I was Oscar Wilde in velvet jeans. Everything you've heard is everything I've seen.” He is adamant that this is not an homage to mid-Sixties music, but a contemporary album by a contemporary band presenting songs about that particular time in his life: a time when as a teenager just entering manhood the world as a whole was celebrating ‘The Summer of Love’. “The name of album 'Carnaby Street', for me, is a metaphor for the swinging London '60s,” says Michael, “that whole youth cultural revolution that literally changed the world. So the name reflects my desire to go back to the roots, the joy and the love of the music when I first heard it.”

British born the Marquis Michael Philip Des Barres, along with his excursions into rock stardom, is also a gifted actor and is best known for his reoccurring role as Murdoc on the popular television show 'MacGyver'. He has been featured in dozens of movies and television shows over the past 40 years (including Seinfeld, ALF, Frasier, Bones, Ellen, Nip/Tuck and Pink Cadillac with Clint Eastwood) and was also a featured actor in the '60s classic movie 'To Sir With Love' featuring Sidney Poitier. Michael was formerly married to GTO's member Pamela des Barres, best known for her top-selling book 'I'm With The Band'.

Recently, Michael Des Barres reunited with Silverhead for the first time in 38 years and performed to sold out audiences in Japan in April 2012. The reaction from the Japanese audience was electric! Michael is still very active acting and will be featured in the US FOX television show 'The Finder' on May 4, 2012. He is also featured in the movie 'California Solo',in which Michael plays the manager of Robert Carlyle's ex-rocker character, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on January 25th. In support of Michael Des Barre's new album release, several live shows are currently being scheduled. “The majority of the people that have come to see us play, and we've only played perhaps a dozen shows, has been 80 percent a young audience, early and mid-twenties, who consider us an indie band, ironically,” says Michael. “The music we are playing is below the waist rock 'n' roll, and I thinkthat the audiences are kind of starved for a carnal, sensual, sexy blues music. There's nothing ironic about our music – there's nothing angry or apologetic about our music. We are there to make people happy and joyous and fall in love.”

In closing Michael Des Barres has this to impart to his followers of the past four decades: “The message that I have to say to fans and friends, and I don't think of them as fans, I think of them as friends – and they are friends. We should all be friends, and really my belief in connection and engagement and letting people intoyour life... and I say it in the briefest possible way – LOVE EVERYONE NOW!”

For more information visit Michael Des Barres official website:


“Michael Des Barres returns to his mid-1960’s roots with an incredible hard-driving rock ‘n’ roll band initiated by old school elation. (…) After listening to Carnaby Street, two things became certain …rock ‘n’ roll needs Michael Des Barres and we need more Michael Des Barres. The band is incredibly tight and Des Barres’ vocals are majestic. Des Barres embellishes the essence of a ‘British rocker’ by epitomizing Rod Stewart, Noddy Holder and Steve Marriott all in one voice. It’s an incredible musical journey back to the swinging rock ‘n’ roll days of London. Carnaby Street is a natural flow of raw rock energy reminiscent to the days when rock was king. The Brits are back and ready to rock!”

Ray Shasho,

For full interview go to:


Michael Des Barres Band: Carnaby Street

Michael Des Barres is a name that I'm sure most of you didn't think you'd be hearing about here in 2012, especially connected to anything musical. The British singer had his time in the limelight back in the '70s with glam rock pioneers Silverheard and hard rockers Detective, but after a brief stint fronting Power Station in the mid-'80s, we've seen very little of Des Barres other than the occasional acting stint on television or film. Well. he's back, and back with a vengeance, revisiting his '60s and '70s roots with a hot new band and CD titled Carnaby Street.

Joining Des Barres here on Carnaby Street are Paul ILL (bass, backing vocals), Eric Schermerhorn (guitars), Jebin Bruni (keyboards), and David Goodstein (drums, backing vocals). Together they form a tight unit, delivering rock solid, catchy songs that recall vintage Humble Pie, The Faces, Free, and The Rolling Stones, with Des Barres in fine form, sounding like a cross between Rod Stewart and Steve Marriott here. Obviously his voice has held up well over the years seeing as he's been relatively inactive for quite some time. Plenty of bluesy rockers to be found on the album, complete with tasty guitar licks, swirling organ, catchy rhythms, and powerful vocals. Some of the highlights include the funky "Sugar", the hard rocking "You're My Pain Killer" and "Carnaby Street", the R&B meets blues-rock of "Route 69", the sultry blues of "Please Stay" (featuring some great guitar and organ), and the supercharged hard rock of "Little Latin Lover". However, one of the best songs here is the rousing "Hot and Sticky", a tune that will take you back to the early '70s when Stewart and The Faces, and Marriott and Humble Pie were blazing around the world wowing audiences with their brand of soulful, bluesy hard rock. It's really amazing to see just how much swagger Des Barres still has, and he really brings it throughout this red hot album.

I always thought that Detective were one of the most underrated bands of the '70s, and still to this day I have a hard time trying to figure out how that band didn't become huge, considering they were on the same label and Led Zeppelin and Bad Company, and musicially were not far removed from those two behemoths. Michael Des Barres was a big part of what made that band so great, and he shows he still has the vocal chops here on Carnaby Street, and a great new group to boot. He's not reinventing the wheel, but he's put together a great homage to some vintage sounds that should please any classic rock fan out there.

Pete Pardo (Sea Of Tranquility)

Michael Des Barres has seen a lot of rock ‘n’ roll highway pass by. But he’s still itching to explore new sideroads.

A veteran of bands that included Tony Kaye of Yes, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Nigel Harrison of Blondie and Tony Sales of Todd Rundgren and Tin Machine fame, Des Barres’s narrative goes back some four decades. Ever adaptive, he later fronted the touring edition of the Power Station, a Duran Duran/Chic spinoff from the mid-1980s, and even penned a No. 1 new wave hit for Animotion, called “Obsession.”

Yet Carnaby Street — due July 10, 2012, from Gonzo MultiMedia — is not hampered by any longing looks back. Instead, he’s returned fit, forceful and full of piss and vinegar amid bright blasts of gruff, old-school white blues.

Of course, the B3-soaked, first-take, race-record-inflected sounds on Carnaby Street are, in some ways, as “new” sounding as they can be in these days of pre-fab auto-tunery. But it wouldn’t be enough if Des Barres wasn’t smartly building upon those roots, and keeping his gaze steadily fixed on the future. While others of his vintage have turned to the gauzy safety of lounge music, Des Barres has a steel-toed boot absolutely flooring it. Carnaby Street serves up smart, below-the-waist groovers where there’s no irony, no winking — and no apologizing.

Tough, gravel-rough and honest, this is. And a template for growing old without growing soft, too.

Nick Deriso (Something Else)

1. You're My Pain Killer
2. Carnaby Street
3. Forgive Me
4. Sugar
5. Route 69
6. Please Stay
7. Little Latin Lover
8. Hot and Sticky
9. From Cloud 9 to Heartache
10. My Baby Saved My Ass
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