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Merrell Fankhauser - Rainbow Bridge Revisited (DVD/CD)

Genre: Pop/Psychedelic
Release Date: 17th June 2013

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST127DVD
Price: $10.49
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Merrell Fankhauser - Rainbow Bridge Revisited
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Rainbow Bridge was a peculiar 1972 film featuring Jimi Hendrix (who had died two years before) and a cast of local eccentrics using Hendrix’s music and a whole slew of UFO sightings to explore their spirituality. 41 years later, musician and film-maker Merrell Fankhauser revisits the film to explore its message more fully.

He told us: “As you know I lived on Maui for 14 years and I moved there in ‘73 just a year after the Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge came out. And when I moved there I met a lot of people that were in the movies, and a lot of them were hippies, surfers and cosmic people that were seeing UFOs and everything, and they said Jimi was really into the whole UFO thing, and that there were even some hovering about when they were shooting over there. So we contacted the ones that we still knew where they were over there and we went over and interviewed them and it was really interesting what some of them had to say about hanging out with Hendrix and everything and then we went down to Southern California, because some of them lived down there, and we interviewed a few of those so we’ve got some really interesting interviews with, I think, an insight into some of the things that were going on with that movie with Hendrix hasn’t come out.

''In the original Rainbow Bridge if you saw it, it follows Pat Hartley the actress from the Sunset Strip over to O’ahu and then to Maui where she meets all these characters, and ultimately Jimi. And the message because of all of her travels and the way it was put together kind of got lost a little bit in the different scenes and things and I talked to one of the guys from Warner Brothers who was in on the editing and he said that when they brought the film over it was in all of these bags and there was sand in it and they were almost afraid to put it on their machine, and had to clean it all and they kept going through this stuff and it was just a lot of hippies talking about cosmic stuff and getting high on drugs, and everybody kept saying “Where’s Jimi, where’s Jimi? Where’s the concert?” You know they were afraid they weren’t going to have enough to make the movie really good, but finally they got to the movie part.

''So what we did, we kind of condensed these interviews down and we would segue into some really great surfing on big waves over there, because a lot of the people that were interviewed were surfers and we have old footage of them surfing, and then we cut to surfing footage from now, and I have about ten of my newer instrumental surf songs in there with the surfing, and then it would go to a couple of band performances – there were two Maui bands that we have over there: Omar and the Wavestop Spies and The Space Patrol, who actually – the lead singer – Les Potts was in the original Rainbow Bridge movie and he’s the guy that’s shown cutting up this surf board that they smuggled some hashish, I think it was, to the island, and he takes a big toke and coughs his lungs out, and that’s in the movie.”

It sounds just as eccentric a project as the original, and personally, I can’t wait.

The following is a review from 'MUZIK reviews'

'Merrell Fankhauser and the island of Maui have a strong connection. The artist lived there for 14 years and experienced many different things related to UFO sightings. He came to know the people that were eye witnesses to those events.

'Rainbow Bridge Revisited is CD/DVD set that Fankhauser has put together for Gonzo Multimedia and was released in June of this year. He has been one of those multifaceted artists covering several genres and with many interests outside of the music business. His ability to translate those experiences through his own music has carved out a unique niche.

'Rainbow Bridge the original movie was the Jimi Hendrix movie. What Fankhauser sets out to do is interview some of the remaining cast of that movie. On the DVD you get firsthand accounts of UFO sightings through a series of interviews and some original footage of surfers set to some of Merrell’s great surf rock tracks. There are several gems on both discs including the classic and very appropriate “Calling From A Star.” The rocking surf tunes set the tone. One of my all-time favorites and in my opinion the best Merrell has ever performed is “Monster Swell.” The track is filled with all the drama and unpredictability of the ocean. The song goes through several changes and it is a complete masterpiece of surf rock. “Wild Gyrations” is another classic that will put the sun in your heart, the warm sand of the beach on your toes and images of surfers riding the immense waves of the Hawaii surf.

'Although the footage of the surfers is quite old it gets the idea of the theme and location over quite well. If you are looking for an HD quality video this is not it. If you appreciate up close interviews and hearing about experiences of UFO siting’s and can appreciate surf rock music then you will love this set.

'Merrell has always done a terrific job providing fascinating stories of his own, interviewing people that had their own tales to tell and then adding some great music to make the experience complete.

'Watching and listening to all of this puts your head somewhere else and it offers a different perspective of reality. Some of the people being interviewed were spaced out old hippies but you simply cannot deny some of the events that have taken place on the islands of Hawaii. These accounts are just a part of the long history of extraterrestrial sightings that have been witnessed over the years. What makes it special is the involvement of one of the most respected and admired musical talents we have ever known, Merrell Fankhauser. This is a documentary you will not want to miss!'


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Key Tracks: Calling From A Star, Monster Swell, Wild Gyrations

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Founder

1. All Along The Watchtower
2. Last Wave at Hanalei
3. Wild Gyrations
4. Surfin 101
5. Waterfall
6. Hookipa
7. Mother Sea
8. The Wind Cried Maui
9. Monster Swell
10. Surf Rage
11. The Wall
12. Calling From A Star
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