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John Ellis - Sly Guitar (CD)

Genre: Ambient/Electronic
Release Date: 6th May 2013

Label: Chanoyu
Catalogue Number: CHA002
Price: $14.29
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John Ellis - Sly Guitar
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CHANOYU RECORDS announce the new album by UK guitarist/composer JOHN ELLIS. Known and respected for his work with major UK acts including THE STRANGLERS, PETER GABRIEL, PETER HAMMILL, THE VIBRATORS and many more, Ellis has been writing and recording original instrumental music for many years. SLY GUITAR is an album of guitar instrumentals. Ellis refers to it as “Modern Guitar Music” but in the sleeve notes of the Digipak, he references his early influences such as The Shadows, The Spotnicks and other masters of “twang”. The CD consists mostly of studio constructions, but 3 tracks showcase his live looping performances that he describes as “Multi-tasking to the max”.

1. Levitation
2. Infanta
3. Pedalo
4. I Remember Futurism
5. Psycho Cooler
6. Farud Gets Electricity
7. The Bowl maker of Lhasa
8. Futuro
9. Don't be misled by your eyes
10. Crow on a dying dog
11. Echoplexing
12. Flies
13. March of the Kitchen Taps
14. Sly Guitar
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