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The Doobie Brothers - The Doobie Brothers (DVD/CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10th June 2013

Label: Respect Recordings
Catalogue Number: RESPECTCD7
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The Doobie Brothers - The Doobie Brothers
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Aside from a few years of inactivity in the mid-eighties, The Doobie Brothers have continued to perform, create and record for over 21 consecutive years. “The Doobies have always been about playing live,” Johnston says. “We’re not a studio hot house group and we’re not a concept album band. We’ve always just brought in the tunes we had, put them together and made an album. That’s the way it’s been from the very first album and that’s still the way it’s being done.”

Formed originally in 1970, the first Doobie Brothers line-up consisted of Tom Johnston on guitars/keyboards/harmonica/vocals; Patrick Simmons on guitars/banjo/flute/vocals; Dave Shogren on bass/guitar/backing vocals; and John Hartman on drums/percussion/backing vocals.

The band played live all over Northern California during that year. Their first album, The Doobie Brothers, was released in 1971, and album releases were to follow yearly until 1978, when Minute by Minute was released. This spent five weeks at the top of the music charts, dominating several radio formats for the better part of two years. The album won a Grammy Award for Pop Vocal Performance by a Group and was nominated for Album of the Year.

However, this album’s success was bittersweet, because it coincided with the near-dissolution of the band. The pressure of touring while recording and releasing an album each year had worn the members down.

Wikipedia says: 'After many member changes and a rest between 1982 and 1987, the Doobie Brothers’ re-formation was hardly planned. Keith Knudsen (drums, percussion, vocals, who had joined in 1993, and who died in 2005 of cancer and chronic pneumonia) had become active in Vietnam veterans' affairs, and early in 1987 he persuaded eleven of the Doobie alumni to join him for a concert to benefit veterans' causes. Answering the call were Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, Jeff Baxter, John McFee, John Hartman, Michael Hossack, Chet McCracken, Michael McDonald, Cornelius Bumpus (died of a heart attack in 2004), Bobby LaKind and Tiran Porter. Tickets were in great demand, so this one concert quickly evolved into a twelve city tour, and the successful reunion sparked discussions about reconstituting the band on a permanent basis. They eventually settled on a line-up featuring Johnston, Simmons, Hartman, Porter and Hossack (died of cancer on March 12, 2012), plus more recent addition LaKind (died in 1992 of cancer), and released Cycles on Capitol Records in 1989.'

The group continues to tour heavily and remains a popular concert draw, and has maintained a continuous and active presence on the Internet through the official website since 1996. Sadly the original bassist, Shogren, died in 1999 of unreported causes. There have been many changes in line-up over the years, which prompted one unnamed journalist to quip many years ago “Now that Greg Allman has left the group he founded, there are now no Allmans in the Allman Brothers, but the good news is there are still plenty of doobies in the Doobie Brothers.”

On November 13th 2012 the Doobie Brothers released Let the Music Play: The Story of The Doobie Brothers, which is a documentary of the band's history from their early days in the 1970s to the present.

The current live line-up is Tom Johnston on guitars/vocals; Patrick Simmons on vocals/guitar; John McFee on guitars/strings/vocals; John Cowan on bass/vocals; Guy Allison on keyboards/backing vocals; Marc Russo on saxophones; Ed Toth and Tony Pia on drums.

“This band represents a lot of American music styles,” Johnston says. “From the finger-picking stuff that Pat does – and John can do as well – to blues, jazz, rock and roll. By the time you get done you’ve got, to lift a song title from another group, an American band.” ( CORINNA DOWNES

1. Opening Song - One Step Closer
2. Takin' To The Streets
3. Jesus Is Just Alright
4. Keep This Train A-Rollin
5. Take Me In Your Arms
6. Real Love
7. Minute By Minute
8. Slat Key Soquel Rag
9. Long Train Runnin'
10. What A Fool Believes
11. I Cheat the Hangman
12. China Grove
13. Listen To The Music


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