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Clearlight - Impressionist Symphony (CD)

Genre: Experimental
Release Date: 24th March 2014

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST214CD
Price: $10.49
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Clearlight - Impressionist Symphony
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Clearlight’s “Impressionist Symphony” focuses on the artistic style of impressionism, painting and music as well with a Ravel, Satie and Debussy influence merged with Cyrille Verdeaux’s progressive music experience and linked with the French impressionist school of painting.

The release celebrates the 40th anniversary of “Clearlight Symphony,” an early classic Virgin Record release, which featured Cyrille’s compositional skills and virtuoso keyboard playing, with performances by Gong family members Tim Blake, Steve Hillage, and Didier Malherbe, and others.

For the new symphony, Cyrille is once again joined by Tim, Steve, and Didier, as well other friends, new and old, on eight extended compositions. The special package includes a 12-page color booklet that captures Cyrille’s vision, as well as pictures from the sessions that produced these works.

“Impressionist Symphony” continues Cyrille’s return to the world of progressive music, which was retriggered with the release of 2013’s Spirits Burning & Clearlight “Healthy Music In Large Doses,” which featured Cyrille and many members of the space and prog rock communities, and now continues through this release and others on Gonzo Multimedia.

The Impressionist Symphony is now a reality, and it is ready for you to experience. Let the celebration begin!

1.              Renoir En Couleur

2.              Time Is Monet

3.              Pissarro King

4.              Degas De La Marine     

5.              Van Gogh 3rd Ear

6.              Gaughin Dans L’Autre

7.              Lautrec Too Loose

8.              Monet Time (Duet)


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