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Mick Farren - The Time Of Feasting (Book)

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Label: Gonzo Media
Catalogue Number: 9781908728371
Price: $14.29
Available: 6 in stock

Mick Farren - The Time Of Feasting
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Mick Farren (September 1943 – July 2013) was not someone who could be described as ‘best known for’ anything. Gloucestershire-born Farren was a singer with The Deviants and a musician of genius in his own right, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with a variety of others. A maestro when it came to bending the English language to his own will, he not only wrote a huge catalogue of songs but was an accomplished journalist (for publications like NME and International Times, amongst others) and prolific novelist as well. He was a prominent figure in the UK Underground counterculture and also an activist and critic of everything from the commercialisation of Rock&Roll to the Vietnam War.

The Time of Feasting is the first in a quadrilogy focusing on a colony of vampires led by the enigmatic and powerful Victor Renquist. The group, who prefer the term ‘nosferatu’, exists undetected in New York City, surviving on a diet of blood bags from hospitals, until the Time of Feasting is upon them, when the lust for a real kill becomes too strong to resist. As Victor fights to keep the colony from becoming too reckless in its hunger, he is beset by both a power-hungry young vampire named Carfax who wants to make their existence known to the humans, and an alcoholic former priest who is hell-bent on destroying all creatures of the night. Can Victor keep the nosferatu safe from the stake and the growing tensions within their own sanctuary?

Gonzo Multimedia is proud to present these new commemorative editions of Mick Farren’s Victor Renquist Quartet. With stunning artwork reflective of Farren’s background in counterculture, the volumes will be popular with both die-hard fans and those who are fans of his fantastic writing, but just don’t know it yet. 

'A stylish, smart vampire thriller that takes the basic rules of the genre and turns them upside down.' The Bloomsbury Review

A colony of vampires lives unrevealed beneath New York City.  But now the Time of Feasting is at hand and the thirst for blood has become an overwhelming need.  Renquist, the centuries old colony master, is being challenged from within by the younger ones who, comtemptuous of humanity, are tired of living in secrecy.  A drunken ex-priest and a tenacious city cop, who are beginning to suspect the truth of these night creatures, also challenge Renquist.  Will the colony survive, or will they collapse under the ancient urges that control their every move?

'Farren's fertile imagination has a snaggletoothed bite all its own'  New Musical Express (London)


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