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Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Pentanine (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 12th May 2014

Label: Musea
Catalogue Number: FGBG4606.AR
Price: $14.29
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Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Pentanine
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A famous drummer-percussionist from Strasbourg, France, Pierre MOERLEN had a prolific career filled with prestigious collaborations. He imposed his very particular percussive style, and created a reference in the style of Progressive jazz-rock. And this is in this musical style that Pierre MOERLEN'S GONG take us: proudly assuming his part of the great inheritance left by Daevid ALLEN and company, his interpretation is less focused on the psychedelic or space-rock. "Full Circle - Live 1988" is nevertheless and excellent witness of a German tour: a truly indispensable album ! As the Progressive rock world has been grieved to hear the disappearance of Pierre MOERLEN (GONG, Mike OLDFIELD, BRAND X...), the legendary French drummer comes back today with a new album ! "Pentanine" was recorded in Moscow in 2002 and is eventually released three years later by the Musea label. On that occasion, the new embodiment of the mythical band Pierre MOERLEN'S GONG was composed of local skilful musicians on electric guitar, bass and keyboards. Thirteen instrumental pieces full of groove, power and sophistication are to be heard, some more hypnotic or peaceful moments being also present in a very melodic jazz-rock fusion style. The splendour of Pierre MOERLEN's playing whatever instrument between drums, percussions, xylophone and vibraphone is very sensible. A posthumous account of a definitely exceptional musician ! 


Flyin High

Airway To Seven

Pentanine Part One

Au Chalet

Trip A La Mode





Bleu Nuit

Pentanine Part Two

Montagnes Russes



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