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Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 26th May 2014

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST212CD
Price: $10.49
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Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
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In 1975 Virgin Records released the first album of Cyrille Verdeaux compositions titled CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY. Clearlight became the first French progressive rock band signed to a major British record label. Gathering accolades for its unique compositions and keyboard stylings, the music spanned from classical romanticism to lush experimentation. Primarily psychedelic, but also serving as a forerunner of new age music, the album's musical style manages to blend seemingly contrary elements: the symphonic rock concept is flexible enough to permit extensive jamming in both rock and jazz fusion styles.Clearlight Symphony does not officially have an artist name, but is now regarded as the first album by Clearlight who adopted the name later that year, after briefly using the name Delired Cameleon Family. Side one features group member Cyrille Verdeaux and three members of Gong; side two features the group that would become Delired Cameleon Family (Clearlight). Neither group is explicitly named as the artist.

Clearlight has/have continued to produce remarkable music ever since. But this album is particularly poignant.

Pascal Menetrey passed away accidently in 2006. This album is dedicated to his memory. RIP, Pascal... 

The music on this album is powerful, selected to illustrate the yang side of the first chakra, the one in charge of life and death energies; designed to energize the body and to celebrate life. Samples of Inuits, Papoos, Tuvas, Ethiopian and Kurdish singers as well as samples of various wild animals facing extinction collected one per one by Pascal Menetrey between 1992 and 1999 are musically shaped by Cyrille Verdeaux to boogie for the pleasure of the ears. The aim of Tribal Hybrid Music (THC)is to help in the stopping of all these trails of tears, these massacres of innocents all around the globe. The base chakra (Muladhara) is the root of the Kundalini, the coiled serpent representing untapped potential and sexual energy. It also represents security and the need for basic needs (air, water, food) that all life requires for sustenance as well as fundamental human desire. The chants of various tribes facing extinction represent the death aspect of this chakra, since most of the beings heard on this album are probably already dead. As Pascal is already...

But there's more. Cyrille writes: It hosts the one and only song ever recorded by the Amazonian Chief Raoni, former protégé of Sting in the 80's and the old chief  is still struggling and still in trouble to keep his tribe alive inspite of the efforts of the Brazilian Gvt to make them disappear once and for all in the name of "ordem e progresso". So the more CDs will be sold, the more royalties Raoni will get to help him to resist to his fatal fate.

Raoni's song :

With the genuine voice of the great Chief of Amazonia, recorded by his French explorer friend Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and put into music by Cyrille Verdeaux's friend, Alexis Chanebau.

This song in genuine Kayapo language sang by Raoni himself is a moving and wise calling to spear the Amazonian territory, for this ecosystem is essential, not only for the survival of his tribe but also for all the earthlinks present and future…

Raoni's message:

"I'm back now, because my concern returned. I learned that you too are worried now. The winds came and destroyed your forest. You knew the fear that we know. I tell you, if man continues to destroy the earth, these winds will return with even more force ... not once ... but many times ... sooner or later. These winds will destroy us all.

We all breathe one only air, we all drink one only water, we all live on one only earth. We must all protect it.

Home invasions began again. Woodcutters and gold diggers do not respect the reserve. We do not have the means to protect this vast forest which we are guardians for all of you.

I need your support. And I ask you before it's too late”.



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