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Joey Molland - Demos Old And New (CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 5th May 2014

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST185CD
Price: $10.49
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Joey Molland - Demos Old And New
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Poor Badfinger; if ever there was a pop group “born under a bad sign” it was them. Things started off quite auspiciously. As The Iveys they signed to The Beatles’ Apple Records and had a hit single. However, they decided that their name, and their image were a little old fashioned and for  reasons that remain obscure they also decided to change their guitarist. Exit Ron Griffiths and enter Joey Molland. Badfinger  was born.

They had hit singles with the Paul McCartney penned Come and Get It (recorded just as Griffiths was leaving the band) and No Matter What, and perhaps their greatest moment was when Harry Nilsson had a massive worldwide hit with their song Without You in 1972. After that it was all downhill. And downhill very very fast.

The band were the last non-Beatles artists to release an album on Apple, and a move to Warner Brothers was not a success.

There were grave management issues (which were so contentious that even now it is probably not safe to put in writing) and – probably as a result of these internal pressures – two members of the band (Pete Ham in 1975 and Tom Evans in 1983) committed suicide by hanging.

Joey Molland, who had written the vast majority of the group’s later output, remains an immensely under-rated and very talented songwriter, whose career has been blighted by the appalling catalogue of disasters which had overtaken his band.  This collection of demos from various parts of his long career only proves to confirm, (as if any confirmation were needed) what an extraordinary songwriter this man is.

Originally from Liverpool, Molland now lives in America, where he continues to write and perform some beautiful music. Let’s hope, with the re-release of this fantastic record that is star is finally in the ascendant.

If so, then there really is some justice in the universe. 


1.  I Said It's Alright '92

2.  Borderline '84

3.  Birdsong '92

4.  Cadillac Blues '88

5.  Can't Stop '84

6.  Clouds of Love '80

7.  Isn't That A Dream '95

8.  It's True '88

9.  Mirrors '95

10.  Miss Misunderstood '72

11.  Moonlight

12.  Panning Gold '82

13.  Sometimes

14.  Walkin' The Floor '83

15.  What You're Doin '73

16.  When '80

17.  Miss Misunderstood


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