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Attrition - Something Stirs/Eternity (2CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 18th August 2014

Label: Bat Country
Catalogue Number: BC241-4
Price: $14.29
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Attrition - Something Stirs/Eternity
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Features Attrition's "Something Stirs" and "Eternity".

Something Stirs - A 12-song collection of  attrition’s rarest and earliest recordings, many never before released.  Remixed and enhanced from the original 4 track-tapes and live recordings.  The raw post punk sound of the early live shows evolving into the dark electronic atmospheres of their first recorded works…An essential insight into the evolution of  one  of the UK’s original gothic industrial groups…

Eternity - 

A collection of tracks taken from two rare and out of print extended EP releases…The Eternity EP  released on Projekt records in the USA in 1997 and the Kissing a Virtual angel  EP  released on Ars Benevola Mater in 1999.  The songs were all recorded in collaboration with Franck Dematteis of the Paris opera on violin and viola and feature a blend of new compositions with classically influenced versions of some Attritionclassics, including the classical/trip hop collision of the title track I am (eternity)…


Something Stirs

  1. Something Stirs
  2. Pain
  3. Birthrite
  4. Cut It Fine
  5. Onslaught
  6. Hungry Ghosts
  7. Mr. Toma (I looked but it was gone...)
  8. Tones In Black
  9. Domus
  10. Hologram
  11. Alter Ego


  1. I Am (Eternity)
  2. Cold Genius
  3. Feel The Backlash
  4. At the Fiftieth Gate
  5. Prelude
  6. A Virtual Angel
  7. Metamorphosis
  8. Illuminati
  9. L'Echange


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