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Mick Farren - Darklost (Book)

Release Date: 16th June 2014

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: 9781908728395
Price: $19.98
Available: In Stock

Mick Farren - Darklost
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Los Angeles - City of Angels, city of dreams. But sometimes the dreams become nightmares. Having fled New York, Victor Renquist and his small group of Nosferatu are striving to re-establish their colony. They have become a deeper, darker part of the city's nightlife. And Hollywood's glitterati are hot on the scent of a new thrill, one that outshines all others - immortality. But someone, somewhere, is meddling with even darker powers, powers that even the Nosferatu fear. Someone is attempting to summon the entity of ancient evil known as Cthulhu. And Renquist must overcome dissent in his own colony, solve the riddle of the Darklost (a being brought part-way along the Nosferatu path and then abandoned) and combat powerful enemies to save the world - of humans!


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