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Mark Murdock - Era 2 - Eyes Down and Seacloud (CD)

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 20th November 2015

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST330CD
Price: $14.29
Available: In Stock

Mark Murdock - Era 2 - Eyes Down and Seacloud
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The New York Recordings (Eyes Down) feature world–class musicians who collaborated with Mark, who turned to keyboards and songwriting after relocating to New York. To coincide with the 80’s sound signature, Mark decided to incorporate drum machines, sequencers and synthesizer to expand his music horizons by teaming up with bassist Percy Jones, whose unique musicality approach took the music to a higher level, adding a new twist that could be considered as ‘Pop-Progressive-Rock.’ 

A live band was formed to represent the recordings under the name of ‘Eyes Down’ which performed in New York City. Ironically, drummer Tony ‘Thunder’ Smith (Lou Reed, John McGlaughlin) ended up doing the lead vocals on the recordings And additional vocalists Joe Sophia (Percy Jones’ Propeller Music CD) and Nicolas Van Pittman shared the vocal spot. Ron Balin played fretless bass and Percy Jones appeared as a guest on a few gigs.

 * ‘Sun In The Signs’  (track 9)features David Sancious on piano and synthesiser. Mark on acoustic drums and Percy Jones on Wal bass.


The New York Recordings - Eyes Down

1. Alone To The Outside

2. She's The Kind

3. Shattered Feelings

4. Tell It To The World

5. Along Silent Waters

6. Something Tonight

7. Don't Give Into Them

8. Movement of Hearts

9. Sun In The Signs

The Phoenix Recordings - Seacloud

10. Caribbean Mystical Tour

11. Seacloud

12. Events In The Sky

13. Future Scam

14. Sundancer

15. Rent-A-Riff

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