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Inner City Unit - Passout (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 26th February 2016

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: RRA106CD
Price: $14.29
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Inner City Unit - Passout
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In April 1979 the first ICU converged at Turners Caddilac Ranch the guilty parties were: Nik Turner (HAWKWIND)- Vox & Sax, Dead Fred - Vox & Keys, Trev (JUDGE) Thoms - Vox & Guitar, Mo Vicarage - Synth Dino Ferrrari (HERE & NOW)- Drums. They played the 1979 Glastonbury Festival as SPHINX this show was filmed by the BBC. After playing Stonehenge and various other festivals Dino In September the band released its 1st single Solitary Ashtray on its own label and begins to rise on the club-dump circuit. December 1980 see's our heros turning down the major label + staying with their own label (Riddle records) to record their 1st Album - PASSOUT at low cost in 3 days. The 3rd and final release on Riddle was the single. PASSOUT is the first ICU album, it was self financed and reached number one in the indie album chart, back in the days when the indie album chart was taken from the sales from one shop "Rock On" in Camden Town, ..The distributor for this disk was ...Rock On, in Camden.

  1. Space Invaders
  2. Watching The Grass Grow
  3. Polly Ethylene
  4. Solitary Ashtray
  5. O.B. Citymuse
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Cybernetic Love
  8. Cars Eat With Autoface
  9. Fallout
  10. Nuclear Waste
  11. Master of the Universe
  12. Amyl Nitrate
  13. Let's Dance
  14. Let's Twist Again
  15. Almost Cut My Hair
  16. Wild Thing
  17. Give The Man A Bone!
  18. The Savage
  19. Space Invaders (live)
  20. Polly Ethylene (demo)
  21. Finale


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