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Rick Wakeman and Various Artists - Gastank (DDVD) (DVD)

Release Date: 31st March 2017

Label: RRAW
Catalogue Number: MFGZ020DVD
Price: $28.70
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Rick Wakeman and Various Artists - Gastank (DDVD)
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The year is 1982. Popular music has gone through several tumultuous years, an understatement for artists of the time. Classic and progressive rock musicians are at that moment reimaging themselves, their sound, and their stagecraft, in light of new influences, and the tremendous impact of music videos via the juggernaut called MTV. Punk has come and mostly gone, but continues to influence a host of bands, all plying slightly different musical territory, be it goth, ska, “new wave” dance or one of any number of increasingly eclectic musical styles.

The most able and successful bands of the 1970s are weathering the storm, making changes to their style and stagecraft and often their lineup. Genesis for example was then approaching mega-stardom with Phil Collins at the helm. Yes in particular were continuing to change at least one member with nearly every new release. Wakeman himself is exploring new styles and approaches to his solo work, having struck gold in the 1970s with such epic releases as The Six Wives of Henry The Eighth and Journey to the Center of the Earth he ended the decade with the more varied releases Criminal Record and Rhapsodies. It’s fair to say that in the early 1980’s Wakeman was in search of a new direction. He recorded a soundtrack for cult favorite The Burning, and the well-received 1984.

Rick Wakeman joined partner Tony Ashton, establishing a new television show called GasTank. Produced by Paul Knight with associate Ralph Tobert, Directed by Gerry Mill and recorded in a pub setting with stage and small studio audience, the show aired in the U.K. on channel 4 in 1982-1983. It featured Wakeman interviewing a host of musical artists as diverse as Steve Hackett, Ian Paice, Andy Fairweather Low, John Entwistle, Eric Burdon, and Godley and Crème, then joining these musicians for a few live numbers with stalwart co-host Tony Ashton and friends. 

This standard edition contains 2DVD.

You can see the Deluxe Edition here


Disc 1 Episode 1

  1. I Had to Laugh  
  2. Little Lady  
  3. Rain  
  4. Catherine Howard  
  5. Raggy  
  6. He Gave Up To I  
  7. Cigarettes!  
  8. Heart Attack 
  9. Trying To Get Back To You  
  10. R ‘n’ R medley/Be Bop A Lula  
  11. Episode 2 Aeroplane  
  12. Man Smart, Woman Smarter 
  13. Wide Eyed and Legless  
  14. In The Midnight Hour  
  15. Gerrard Street  
  16. Catherine Parr 
  17. Blackpool’s 1st 

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