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Martin Stephenson - Sweet Misdemeanour (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 30th September 2016

Label: Barbaraville
Catalogue Number: BARBGZ101CD
Price: $14.29
Available: In Stock

Martin Stephenson - Sweet Misdemeanour
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Martin George Stephenson was born on 27 July 1961 to Alfred and Francis Stephenson in Durham and the lead singer of The Daintees. Stephenson's work has increasingly drawn on folk music and traditional musical roots, and his performances have often taken in low-key live events and venues for recording. He has recorded albums in a Scottish church and a disused lighthouse.  Martin Stephenson currently lives in the highlands in Scotland.
An anonymous source on commented: "'Sweet Misdemeanour' is right up there with his best work. Although much of the album has a rockabilly flavour to it, this is an eclectic mix of songs and for this reason, reminds me of the Daintees classic debut 'Boat to Bolivia'. This CD is well worth a listen"


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