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Al Atkins - Holy Rage (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2nd October 2018

Label: Gonzo Multimedia
Catalogue Number: HST448CD
Price: $14.29
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Al Atkins - Holy Rage
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Al Atkins is probably best known as having been the original singer of Midlands metallers Judas Priest. However, he was forced to leave the band in the early years because of the financial pressures of having a wife and family. That didn’t stop him from singing, however, and he has been making premium quality heavy metal records ever since 1990. Currently, he plays with a duo – the Atkins May Project – together with Paul May on guitar. However, in 2009, he formed another band called Holy Rage, who made some of the greatest and most forceful heavy metal of his time. I don’t know what there is about the West Midlands, but there is something in its DNA, which seems to push its young men into a career as a screaming rock God. Holy Rage is a thunderous band with its masterpiece work which spirit reflects in steel songs such as ‘Just Don’t Run’, ‘Victory’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Poison Dreams’, ‘Love At War’ and others. This is the best powerful rock record ever. Being a respected person, Al Atkins made an authoritative qualitative album, approached to the business from professional serious point of view. The album is memorable and this is the main feature that is an indication of the great potential of the musician. Like a defender of the faith he defended his futurity, approved himself as a creative musical person, approved his own status. He showed all his personality in Holy Rage and from that point it’s possible to say that he is the Metal God. His artistic way and life as a songwriter and musician is very important, so we can compare him with these famous people in heavy metal industry like Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Harris, Kai Hansen, Angus Young and many others. Allan has a tremendous success and he is still continue progressing, in other words, keep rocking on the stage. 


Just Don't Run | Kingdom of Hell | Love at War | Waste Away | Invincible | Poison Dreams | Give Them Hell | Redemption Road | Anguish | Victory | JDR Conclusion


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