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Tony Klinger - The Festival Game (DVD)

Release Date: 25th May 2018

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST481DVD
Price: $14.49
Available: In Stock

Tony Klinger - The Festival Game
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In 1969 the legendary Tony Klinger Co-produced, directed and wrote The Festival Game, a documentary on the Cannes Film Festival which remains one of the most widely released documentary films in the history of British Cinema. Tony Klinger writes:

"In 1969 two young men, Mike Lytton 21 and Tony Klinger 19, set out from England with a caravan in tow, to make a factual film, THE FESTIVAL GAME. It had a stellar star cast featuring CHARLTON HESTON, PETER USTINOV, OMAR SHARIF, DENNIS HOPPER, JACK NICHOLSON, YUL BRENNER and a host of others. It became one of the most successful cinema documentaries ever. It told the story of that year’s Cannes Film Festival. ’69 was the year when films like EASY RIDER and IF took centre stage, replacing big studio pictures. Was this the turn of the tide or simply a false dawn?
Almost 50 years later, Tony and Mike, now slightly older, have, through this film, found each other and now you are going to explore what has happened to them, their beloved film industry and film festivals in general and the Cannes Film Festival in particular.
’69, THE FESTIVAL GAME – combine the best elements of the original smash hit documentary, re-mastered and enhanced with unique and exciting new material including the unique director’s commentary from Tony Klinger and including the unique music tracks including a wonderful original jazz soundtrack composed and played by the legendary Ronnie Scott and his band."


Daybreak At Cannes 02:44 | 


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