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Richard Wright and Dave Harris - Zee - Identity 2019 (CD)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 6th September 2019

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST490CD
Price: $14.29
Available: In Stock

Richard Wright and Dave Harris - Zee - Identity 2019
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Relationships within Pink Floyd had been getting ever more strained as the 1970s dragged on, and by the time that the band convened to record the Roger Waters masterwork, The Wall, keyboard player Rick Wright had reached a head. For tax reasons, the band were recording in France, New York and Los Angeles, and for various reasons that are outside the remit of this article, soon became badly behind schedule. Rick Wright had recorded a solo album in France almost immediately before sessions for The Wall convened, and was also going through a bitter divorce, and so – unlike other members of the band – was not able to bring his children abroad with him.

As a result of all this, he was unable to see his children for quite a while, and the accumulative effect of this, his unhappiness within the band, his struggles with Waters, his artistic frustrations at playing music in which he had not had a hand in creating, and various other things, was that he fell into a deep depression. Wright’s contributions to The Wall were later described as “minimal” and, according to drummer Nick Mason, Waters was “stunned and furious” with Wright’s intransigence and felt that Wright was  not doing enough to help complete the album, started to lobby for his dismissal, and eventually presented the rest of the band with an impasse; either Wright leaves or he would block the release of the album. Several days later, according to Wikipedia, “worried about their financial situation, and the failing interpersonal relationships within the band, Wright quit”.
Newly divorced from his previous life and previous musical activities, Rick Wright was at somewhat of a loose end and was vaguely thinking about putting a new band together, when Raphael Ravenscroft, who is best known for the saxophone break on Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” (and is the son of the bloke who wrote The Spear of Destiny (1972), whom I knew a little bit in passing) introduced him to a ‘New Romantic’ musician called Dave ‘Dee’ Harris. The two of them hit it off, and – after various misadventures – decided to team up as a duo, which they called Zee. The two unlikely bedfellows produced a strange synergy, and the resulting album, Identity, worked much better than anyone could have guessed, and as a fan of both the harder edge of New Romantic music and Pink Floyd, I lapped it up. However, it had remained horribly obscure, and is probably the least known record of anything that has come out from the Pink Floyd ‘family’.
And, for reasons which remain mysterious and don’t really matter anyway, the record was soon deleted and never received an official release on CD.
... until now.



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