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GONZO WEEKLY #134: John Shuttleworth interview

Over the years I have had the signal honour of interviewing many famous men and women, but the pinnacle of my career came this week when I interviewed the living legend, that is John Shuttleworth.

I received the following curriculum vitae from a shadowy figure in a dark raincoat who scared the living daylights out of me when he accosted me in Tesco and insiasted that I include it in this week’s magazine.

Who he was, or why and how he tracked me down to the fresh pasta counter I have no idea:

Name: John Shuttleworth

Address: Oo I can't tell you that. Alright then - Walkley, Sheffield.

Occupation: Well, I used to be a security guard for a sweet factory in the Rotherham area, and before that I worked for Comet. Now I'm a versatile singer/songwriter. (I also do a bit of drama, and I'm available for instore promotions, theme nights, sheltered accommodation etc.) 

Parts Played:

Wishee Washee in Aladdin at Dinnington Alhambra; Ethiopian Slave in South Yorkshire Amateur Operatic Society's production of Aida; a Waiter in Just Good Friends - unfortunately you only see the edge of my tray as Paul Nicholas's head is in the way (his hair is very thick and lustrous, you see); Talent Contestant in BBC TV's The Paradise Club. (Hey, I've done quite a bit really haven't I?)


Special Skills:

Swimming underwater - though I haven't attempted it for a while. (There's always too many kiddies in the shallow end). Carpentry, Pingpong.



To become successful in the sphere of popular music.



Impresario Ken Worthington TV's Clarinet Man.


Favourite Colour: Fawn.

For some reason that I truly don’t understand he also insisted that I talk to some bloke called Graham Fellows.

I vaguely remember meeting him before, just after I split up with my first wife and he told me that he empathised with me. “I know what its like to be jilted, Jon,”  he said.

However, I have no idea why Mr Shuttleworth, or should I refer to him as ‘Maestro’ because somehow it seems more appropriate, wanted me to interview this Fellows fellow, but when a star of Shuttleworth’s magnitude asks you to do something, one does not demur for a moment.

Interviewing this masterful songwriter was one of the great moments of my life,  equal only, probably, to the day that I managed to breed my SouthAmerican Aequidens for the first time.

You too can share in this magnificent interview by clicking on the link below.

Go on...CLICK!!!


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