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I first came across Friday Night Progressive totally by accident, but I soon found myself beguiled by the style and taste of presenter M Destiny who presents a weekly two-hour show showcasing all sorts of progressive music that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.  This is surely a man after my own heart.  I also very much approve of the way that it is the hub of a whole community of artists, musicians, and collaborators.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.  Welcome aboard, chaps.

Hello, I am M Destiny host of Friday Night Progressive. You will find it to be an incredible independent internet broadcast show. But it’s more than that. We tend to boast that the musicians played on FNP are above the status quo. This includes the multi-instrumentalist and the educated musician. We tend to shy away from computer generated creations and rely on talent using musical instruments and steer this talent for purposes of shear inspirational indulgence. It is only in the FNP chat room where you will find the most talented musicians packed at one time into such an honored space.


Timm Biery - Album: “Too”


Steinar Aadnekvam – Album: “Freedoms Trio”


Renaud Louis Servais – Album: “Epic Circus”


Jartse Tuominen - Album: “Untold Stories”


Panzerpappa – Album: “Pestrottedans”


The Bob Lazar Story – Album: “Baritonia”


And Virtual – Album: “Unreal”

http://www.facebook.com/andvirtual/ — with Donald Cramer, David Penna, Timm Biery Music, Trond Gjellum, Renaud Louis-Servais, Nicholas Love, Matt Deacon, Christiane Heide, Jartse Tuominen, Gianluca Missero, Lobsang Kedrub, Roland W. Craig, Steinar Aadnekvam and Jim Cochrane.


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