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Sad Cafe

Sandy Salisbury

Graham “Sandy” Salisbury was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Hawaii. He was a songwriter and musician in the late 1960s, but best known for his association with Curt Boettcher. He was ..

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Satans Rats

Screaming Jay Hawkins


The Selecter are a 2 Tone ska revival band from Coventry, England, formed in mid-1979. The Selecter featured a racially diverse line-up. Their lyrics featured themes connected to politics.Reinforcing ..

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Seventh Brings Return

Sex Gang Children

Sex Gang Children is the label which handles releases from Andi Sex Gang and the Sex Gang Children. The band is prominent in the Gothic music scene.  Andi  is considered an experimental arti..

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Shapes, The

Sharon Robinson

Shawn Sahm

Sheila Hayman

Sheila Hayman is a well respected author and award-winning television director. She has written articles for The Times and The Guardian, and published a number of books including Are We nearly There y..

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Shellshock, the four-piece band from Watford, UK, who fuse metal with drum and bass blastbeats into their own unique, raucous 'E Metal' sound, are set to release their debut studio album Laws Of Rebel..

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Testimony is one of those comparatively rare events nowadays; a real piece of cinema. Palmer's prowess as an editor, his knack of juxtaposing image and music, something which has remained his forte si..

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Hailing from Leicester, Showaddywaddy broke into the mainstream of the music business via the entertainment television programme New Faces. The band hit straight away in 1974 with the first of many po..

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John Shuttleworth is a fictional singer-songwriter and radio presenter created by English comedy actor and musician Graham Fellows in 1986. Shuttleworth is in his late 50s and is from Walkley in Sheff..

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Sidney Bechet

Simon House


Sky Architect

Sky Architect is an emerging progressive rock band based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Their debut album, Excavations of the Mind, was released in 2010 from ProgRock Records. The drummer and backing voca..

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