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Both yer esteemed editor and yer Gonzo Grande Fromage are interested in the great mysteries of the universe, and so it was truly only a matter of time before Fortean related content began to seep its way into the magazine and onto Gonzo Web Radio 

"Mack Maloney is the author of the best-selling "Wingman" science-fiction series, plus "UFOs in Wartime, What They Didn't Want You  To Know," (Berkley Books).

He's a member of SKY CLUB, Gonzo recording artists. He's been a radio host since 2010. He lives with his wife, Doreen, on an island off the coast of Massachusetts."



Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to LAPD super-detective Paul Bishop on how to survive a police interrogation.  Researcher Ben Davis on the little-known Fort Polk UFO Incident.  Rob Beckhusen on the world’s largest private air force. Switchblade Steve on Washington State hotspots.   Gumdrops the Great Dane picks the five final winners of the Wingman 18 free book giveaway.

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Spirits Burning Biography

Spirits Burning is one of the most unique entities in the space rock galaxy. The group consists of one main member, Don Falcone, and many other participants from various  bands and projects.

Members of GongHawkwindAcid Mothers TemplePorcupine TreeUniversity of ErrorsQuarkspaceScattered PlanetsMoochF/I,Melting Euphoria and scores of others have all participated on Spirits Burning discs. The recording process would probably not have been possible without the power of the internet, but Don finds many different methods of bringing the musicians together.  By using his magic, Don constructs tracks with a very natural feel, as if these contributors from all over the planet were in the same place for the recordings.

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