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Anderson / Wakeman Biography

What happens when two much loved ex-members of one of the world's foremost progressive rock bands collaborate as a duo? Magick. That's what. Musical magick.

Formed in 1968 and almost signed to The Beatles' Apple label, Yes are undoubtedly one of the most important bands in the world of prog music. For over forty years they have followed their own idiosyncratic path and are still producing interesting and challenging music at the age when many men are settling into a life of pipe, slippers and taking the dog for a walk half an hour before closing time. The in and outs of the personnel of Yes would take a whole book in itself (indeed it has, on a number of occasions) and it is far too complicated a matter to go into here. However, in 2010 the contemporary lineup of the band had two famous faces who were conspicuous by their absence.

Jon Anderson, the singer with one of the most distinctive voices in rock music, was a founder member of the band but had left in the early 2000s because of health reasons, and Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player who had been in the band on no less than five different occasions, decided to team up for a joint venture.

Anderson says, “Listening to the songs on this album, I realize how connected I am with Rick.  We have this natural singsong way of creating that seems to roll off the tongue.  I am so thankful for our friendship and mutual love of music, and most of all—the fun we have working together, whether onstage or making this album of songs via the Internet.  It’s as though we have excluded ‘time and space’ to make this music.”

Wakeman adds, “Light, love, belief and truth combine to create true friendships.  Add music and you have a bonding of souls.  That’s what has happened with ‘The Living Tree’ from the day the seed was planted.”

Just listen to what is on offer. These two records contain real magick (if you believe in such things, and I have to admit that I do). Give them a listen and you will believe in magick as well.

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